From the discovery made by the IPOB intelligentsia, it is becoming very clear that Nigeria's oligarchs are becoming frustrated and at their wits end by the minutes and by the activities of the world's largest and most peaceful freedom fighting group the IPOB. It was gathered that "Buhari" is mad with Ohaneze, South east governors and other political jobbers masquerading as leaders of the southeast region and have stopped giving them money in order for them to help whittle down the influence of the Nnamdi Kanu led ebullient and uncompromising group in the southeast region stressing that all the money so advanced to them by the presidency to do the dirty job have not been justified by them.

It was also gathered that that he "Buhari" is also tinkering with the idea of withholding the monthly allocation of the south east governors for no other reason than the fact that they have all failed in their bid to stop hurricane like IPOB despite their promises and huge sums advanced to them to destroy the IPOB in the past. It is also believed that every Igbo/Biafrans are secret supporters of the IPOB despite their open condemnations and attacks by the oligarchs.

IPOB intelligentsia also gathered that the Chinese government recently vehemently rejected the oil wells offered to them by "Buhari" in place of the loans they gave his government, citing security concerns in the region but from  intelligence report reliably obtained from the Chinese diplomatic circles the real reasons for the rejection has more to do with the fact that they know that Biafra will soon break out of Nigeria and that the said oil wells belongs to them the Biafrans. Also, for the fact that Igbo/Biafrans are the major players in the booming Chinese export sector which remains the Chinese major economic booster and for that they will not like to be in the bad book of the Igbo/Biafrans.

Another discovery from the IPOB investigations is the refusal of many of the Nigerian soldiers and other security forces to be posted to the northeast and Middlebelt. "They only want to go to the south east region but that is not even our headache, our headache is that we have the highest incidents of missing rifles and bullets from those that were posted to the south east region because they the soldiers and other security forces are always carried away and become careless because of the peaceful and hospitality nature of the people of the region". The security source revealed to our intelligent unit.

Written by:
Mazi Chukwudi Peace
For: Abuja State Media

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