2018 Biafra/Ysreal Atonement.
Yom Kippur Tishre, 5779.

The Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) in Ebonyi state joined Biafrans and Ysreal to observe this year's special atonement.

The members of IPOB in Ebonyi gathered at the House of Ysrea-el Assembly synagogue at Izhia, Ohaukwu LGA Ebonyi state (Abakaliki province) to join the Jewish faithful in the state to pray and atone for the forgiveness of sins and pave way for Biafrans as they agitate consistently for their freedom from the contraption Nigeria.

The 25 hours fasting and praying commenced sun down Tuesday to sun down Wednesday September 18, and 19, 2018 across Biafra land and Ysreal.

Jews and Biafrans wherever they are all over the world observe atonement before entering into a new year to obtain favour from the sight of Yahweh to cleans them from sins and iniquities committed during the year.

No Jewish faithful all over the world takes the period of atonement for granted, because it is a moment they reconnect and make amendment with Yahweh, their heavenly father, as to enter into the new year a new person according to the commandments of Yahweh to his chosen nation Ysreal and Biafra.

In Ebonyi state, members of IPOB who loves and cherish the Jewish way of worship to the creator of heaven and earth Yahweh, enjoined the existing Jewish faithful on the atonement. 

Special prayers were offered for the state of Ysreal, Biafra, members of IPOB all over the world, the leader of IPOB Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, wherever he is and for all the Jews all over the world.

Among those who attended the special atonement were the Ebonyi state IPOB coordinator Mazi Igwe Ogbonnaya, his state executives and many principal officers from Ebonyi north, south and central senatorial district.

Dr. Prince Kingsley Ogba, who is the high priest in charge of House of Ysrea-el Assembly synagogue Izhia, during his atonement teachings, noted that "the only way Yahweh will forgive our sins is to forgive others who sinned against us, prayer is very important especially during atonement, because we seek and find the face of Yahweh"

Pastor Emmanuel while conducting the 3 o'clock prayer, explained that fasting and praying is one of the best means one can connect to Yahweh, the maker of heaven and earth. He therefore urged the Jewish faithful to always pray in and out of season. 

Written by:
Ogeh Friday Igiri
For: Ebonyi State Media

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