President Buhari claimed he borrowed $2Bn from China to build Textile industrial in Aba when all the Igbo politicians knows that Buhari said he will treat South-South and South-East people as 5% citizen just to hoodwink Igbo politicians in believing in his phony claims.

Politicians from South-South and South-East tell me one good thing Buhari has done in your locality, the only development President Buhari has brought to the people of Biafra is operation crocodile smile and python dance 1,2 & 3 and his plan is to kill our people and take our oil and gas by force to the new refinery he is building in Arewa Northern Nigeria.

Well, just to outline Buhari’s achievement in our land: the unemployment rate increased by frustrating oil and marine companies to relocate out of Niger Delta to Lagos using insecurity as an excuse to carry out his islamization agenda. Also, he gave the sole right to his Northern brothers e.g. Dangote and their likes to take over our port while abandoning East West road and Port Harcourt Enugu road.

Buhari cannot develop Biafra land by borrowing Money from China but Biafrans will develop Biafra land via Biafra Economic Forum that will be presided by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and other stake holders in Biafra land. Zambia that borrowed money from China is at the verge of losing her power plant able financed by Chinese government. We say no to president Buhari mortgaging the future of Biafrans because we cannot accept such ridicule from Buhari.

Africa once emerge and Africa will emerge again because in Biafra the dignity of black race will be restored and Biafra will be the engine room for capital goods production. During the Dark Age era, the blacks ruled over Europe and dominated the world with African technology. It is called Dark Age, because the white decided to eradicate that part from the world history book, so the European succeeded in killing Africa’s technology with the introduction of Westernization.
A capital goods is a durable goods (one that does not quickly wear out), it is used in the production of goods or services. Capital goods are one of the three types of producer goods, the other two being land and labour, which are also known collectively as primary factors of production. A society acquires capital goods by saving wealth that can be invested in the means of production. In terms of economics, capital goods are tangible property individuals use in the production of other goods or services within a certain period e.g. Machinery, tools, buildings, computers, or other kinds of equipment that are involved in production of other things for sale.

The owners of capital goods can be individuals, households, corporations or governments. Any materials used in the production of other goods are also considered a capital good. Capital goods are generally considered as a kind of investment goods for intensive products that consist of many components. They are often used as manufacturing systems or services.
Examples include automated storage and retrieval systems, automatic test equipment, battleships, baggage handling systems, data centres, oil rigs, roller coaster equipment, semiconductor fabrication plants, and wind turbines. Their production is often organized in projects, with several parties cooperating in networks (Hicks et al. 2000; Hicks and McGovern 2009; Hobday 1998). A capital good lifecycle typically consists of tendering, engineering and procurement, manufacturing, commissioning and maintenance of capital goods.

Before the ushering in of the machine age in Europe that saw to the industrial revolution in Europe, Africa was geared towards industrialization, but the colonial masters succeeded in making sure Africa is under developed, by stopping Africans from thinking and thereby helping Africa to think.

In Biafra, production of capital goods will be the order of the day. BIAFRA industrial park will be among the best 3 in the world in 10 years after the restoration of BIAFRA.

Written by:
Ben Nnadi
For: Rivers State Media

Edited by:
Oby Mboma
For: Rivers State Media

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Rivers State Media

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