By Ama Chukwugoziem (Abia writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
Operation show your permanent voters’ card is what Nigerian governors are using to threaten civil servants, and private organization have followed suit. A reliable source at 'Crescent hotel limited' said that workers must show their PVC before their salaries can be processed.

Furthermore, the Nigeria Banking system is making life difficult for the populace. If one goes to the bank, before he /she can transact business, he would be required to show his PVC. Banking system without ethics, the government decides what they do. If ethics is seen as a discipline that examines the human relationship and establishes the ground for judging certain conduct to be proper or not then where is the moral behaviour for the banks and hotels demanding for PVC before they can process one's salary or transact business with customers. Very soon we may hear operation show your PVC before enrolling in Nigeria’s higher institutions.

No doubt specific structures are put in place to intimidate people to welcome these unacceptable societal norms. Undeniably, this illegal political commerce is the employment of the Buhari administration. Politicians in Nigeria see politics as a do or die affair because the winner takes all. So they employ election manoeuvres and fraud to retain power. Thus the will to power is translated to will to dominate. Nigerian politicians conceive of politics as something that deals primarily with the acquisition and consolidation of power that is why nothing moves forward.

 Permanent Voters' Card is inconsequential because people’s votes don’t count. The government is afraid of IPOB's election boycott because if people boycott the election, how will they rig. They want to force people to register so that they can use their data to rig the election. If not, why must the government force people to obtain the PVC or use it to intimidate people?

Think about this Nigeria political creed: "I believe in rigging, the only means of ceasing power. I believe in "Poli-tricks "the father of all national income, the creator of state allocation and his son privatization of national property, Who was conceived of greed, born of embezzlement, died and buried in corruption; it descended into fraud, and in 1960, it rose again in independence; seated at the wicked hands of godfathers. Hence it shall come to plague the masses with ghost projects, the resurrection of bankruptcy and economic crisis.
Biafra restoration is our last hope.

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