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■ 22, Aug 2018

The unabated plans by the British and Nigerian Governments to exterminate the people of Biafra has come to full light, yet the world still pretends to be myopic over what has been going on. The issue which the British government presents as a politically motivated agitation for power by the Igbos is now obvious to humanity than what the easterners(Biafrans) are asking for is the chance to decide their fate in the contraption(Nigeria) that they found themselves in, as a result of selfishness, greed and acclaimed superiority of the western world over the blacks. Nigeria -which was created by a British Frederick Lugard who came from, as far as the western world to create a state in Africa -was formed out of the search for greener pasture by the British. They never considered the dangerous outcome of amalgamating naturally Republicans with those who are religious extremists and Monarchists together in one country. It is just like trying to mix up oil with water which is apparently immiscible; even Frederic Lugard acknowledged that in his experimental hypothesis of the contraption(Nigerian). These are some of the things that led to the questions being thrown to the world today as a basic need for Biafra to be, hence the agitation for Biafra Freedom. Therefore, it is wise and factual to draw a conclusion unmistakably or unequivocally that Britain is the cause of the several pogroms being carried out by the northerners who are the Hausa-Fulanis in Nigeria against the easterners known as the Igbos(Biafrans) in various places in the northern part of Nigeria starting from 1945 till date. However, the agitation for Biafra Freedom has increased and is being seemingly followed up by the international bodies and world leaders following the killings going on in Nigeria by the Fulani Jihadist terrorist groups (Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen) who are no more killing only the Biafrans today, but also other ethnic groups in different regions of the contraption called Nigeria. Even the Nigerian Military -that are not Hausa-Fulanis extraction -drawn from different parts of the mere geographical expression called Nigeria, who were being used to commit genocide against the people of Biafra are also being attacked and killed in their thousands today by the same Hausa-Fulani groups; as the news gathering. Meanwhile, the unending killing of Biafrans in different parts of the already expired state called Nigeria is what we are still observing mostly; as a shallow grave of about 38 decaying corpses of Biafran agitators were recently discovered at a bush in Aba province of the Biafra region after the show of force by the Fulani Jihadists -now mixed up in Nigeria military -during their declared "Operation Python Dance II(2).

They kill Biafrans with so much detest, anxiety and impunity. Today we have brought to the notice of the whole world the recent intimidation, harassment, unlawful detention in 12by16ft cell of about 120 Biafra women in Owerri province of Biafra region during a peaceful protest for the release of their leader and illustrious son, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, who his whereabouts have remained unknown since the Nigeria military invaded his Afara-ukwu home, killing many of the Biafra agitators in his home and in other places. They are still being detained since 17th August 2018 without food or water, neither was there any medical attention given to those of them that were injured till today.
This is the worst level of inhuman and degrading treatment ever melted against an Indigenous people who are peaceful and law-abiding in a place they call their home. But the questions are, "why is the world keeping mute and pretending not to take notice of all these things happening to Biafrans? " or "is there nothing like Right To Self Determination in the United Nations Charter or in other international laws anymore?". Is the world now turning away from the law they made or pretending to be shortsighted over the plan by the British and Nigerian governments to systematically exterminate Biafrans and all Christians in Nigeria? I humbly and wisely suggest and urge the world leaders to see the need for them to rise and support the Biafra Freedom which is peacefully projected through a well recognized and acceptable means known as REFERENDUM, or face the impending danger that shall destroy the world at large when it comes if they fail to do the needful; because Biafra Freedom is SACROSANCT (as it is divinely ordained and destined to be).

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