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■ 22, Aug 2018
In Nigeria, as long as a child is born, he is taken into corruption. At a tender age, a child who should learn morals is taught how to succeed using shortcuts and to bypass the so called system of education. A child at the age of 9 is introduced into examination malpractice once he wants to write his Common is Entrance Examination. This little act subconscious introduction of the child into a criminal world known as Nigeria.
At the age of 16, when he wants to write WAEC & JAMB. He learns how to beat the system again with malpractice. He eventually does beat the system, and that becomes his second adventurous dubious success. This stage was supposed to be more challenging for our teens to help them become more focus in life. Instead, they learn their first manipulative tactics and become more useless in life. Those who go into entrepreneurship, trading and businesses learn how to lie and cheat in other to survive in an environment subjugated with hardship.
A poor teenage girl who has no hope to further her education starts jumping from one man to another, she either finds a man for herself or she finally becomes a prostitute. By the time a Nigerian boy or girl go to university, he noticed that the environment is also not so friendly. The lecture halls are overpopulated, and lecturers don't care if you learn. After paying a huge some of the money as school fees borrowed money to pay the accommodation fee, They suddenly realise that they should at least come home with a certificate.

At this stage, they do all sort of things to graduate, and by the time they graduate they become intellectual criminals. And the highly skilled criminals among them join POLITICS. They aim to become a successful politician. Being a successful Nigerian politician means you must steal at least 1 Billion and go free. This is the definition of success in a political world of a country with no Integrity. What a shame? How can we produce good leaders in a corrupt system this? A system that breeds criminals. They told us to go and get our PVC just to vote in another set of Recycled Criminals. It's obvious that this present generation will see no light because they were shamefully conceived and born into an abomination. Who shall we vote for? Is it the crime bosses who have been ruling us since 1960's or their errand boys who salvaged their souls for the lust or riches and fame. We only need a revolution. Who shall lead us? The only man determined and courageous enough to lead a successful revolution that would be beneficial for both Nigerians and Biafrans is Nnamdi Kanu ( The Leader of Indigenous People of Biafra). But his effort was sabotaged by his own people, and he was taken away by the same elite cabal who polluted our environment. I stand and weep because of their hope for a Nigerian Child born into a criminal world.

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