■ Author :  Victor Njoku  
■ Twitter : @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 21, Aug 2018
Biafra's have been living in peace and in progress before the coming of the imperialistic government of Britain, which lead to the amalgamation and conglomeration of non-congenial people. The British government meet an extreme resistance in Biafra land, most places like Asaba, Obosi and other areas in Biafra land. Biafrans were later conquered because of the opposition they meet in Biafra land, they handed over Nigeria to the parasitic Hausa Fulani. Even the Hausa Fulani's never wanted Biafra's at the first place, and that lead to the mutilation and annihilation of Biafra's in northern Nigeria in 1945 and 1954.
Barely 12decades of this amalgamation and forceful marriage, what we are experiencing is born to rule mentality, killings, humiliation and decapitation of the so-called minority group are in the country. Living with Hausa Fulani's is as good as living with the Taliban's or even worst. The British government can now sit at the comfort of their own country and drink the blood of innocents killed by the Hausa Fulani jihadist, or they will come and separate what they joined by referendum which is the peaceful way to render asunder this lunatic asylum called Nigeria.
And I continue to ask why white people must use black lives for an experiment? The amalgamation of Nigeria is the worst thing that has ever happened to Great Biafrans. It's obvious that in the early 90s that Igbo's where competing with Japan and India technologically, economically and otherwise, then the obscurantism and imperialism of Britain and Nigeria have not increased to this extent. When they saw the rate and rapid economic growth in Biafra land and the torpid and pace of economic growth in the north which is far behind Biafrans, and so we were disenfranchised and politically mutilated by Nigeria and their British master, that is one of the results of the conglomeration of non-congenial people.
Any country that is politically unstable, that country will also be economically unstable, it's just like a family that lack peace and unity that family Will also lack success. Nigeria is politically and economically backward, and even the polity is characterised by incompetent, deletant and superannuated political cabals because of the combination of non-related people.
A corp member was shot dead just because she did not stop to offer her daily offering (bribe) as usual to the police officers, that is result of locking up a gorilla with a gun and a human being in the room, so I hereby call on the British government to come and separate this abominable contraption called Nigeria.

Published By Udeagha Obasi
Umuchiukwu Writers

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