The tears and agony of our women in Prison custody in Owerri Province of Biafra is an indication that our Political elites are all sell-out and a conquered slave in the hands of the northern caliphates. It is very saddened to see elderly women about the age of 60 and above are been molested, humiliated and detained for exercising their fundamental right to freedom. There is no moral right to justify this illegal detention of IPOB Women Wing (IWW) who carried out a peaceful protest in Owerri Province of Biafra. This is a slap on the various alleged elites faces in Ala-Igbo (Biafraland). This insult is much on our faces, we the youths cannot sit and watch our mothers caged like slaves in a dirty dungeon. What an injustice and a crime against humanity.

Glancing through the social media, I was fortunate to find out the statement of the magistrate judge who proceeded over the case of our mothers who were arrested on the 17th August 2018, for demanding the whereabouts of their son Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and calling for Biafra Referendum on the street of Owerri peacefully. The Judge said and I paraphrase "I don't believe these pregnant women here can wage war against Nigeria but my hands and tied, I can't grant them on bail ", said the judge.

What nonsense could that be? Your hands are tied for case you know these warriors have the moral right to protest and is constitutional backed for them to carry out their peaceful protest against injustice, subjugation, tyranny etc but yet you find it hard to release them because you are working under command instructions (script) from the top? Her lordship, am very ashamed of you and your institution; you are a joke, you need to summit your license because you are a disgrace to the rule of law. Aru (Abomination) in the land.

Our political elites are all conquered slaves in the hands of the northern caliphate, they aren't speaking up anymore because of their political positions in the expired contraption (Nigeria). Tomorrow you will see them campaigning for you to go out and get your PVC to vote them in to continue to impoverish the innocent citizens. What a country of injustice and tyranny. I think is high time we the victims wake up and speak up because if we keep silent over the ugly situation, it will definitely come to us.

Detaining our women means that we don't have political elites to speak for us, and is a reminder that we all are conquered people. Chukwu Okike forbid for us to accept such shit, our ancestors didn't keep mute about the tyranny in the land. They fought gallantly like warriors against these imperialist nations of the world when they came after them. Don't allow our ancestors to be ashamed of this generation, we have great men and women (warriors) who can bring this Jericho down if we come in unison and in one voice. Ndi-Igbo has it "IGWE-BU-IKE”, with it, the enemies will be on the run. Biafrans the time for too much gossiping and talking is over, is a call for action.

However, let’s ask the alleged world leaders and the so-called International communities some series of questions about our plights.

·       What is the work and aims of the world leaders over the oppressed people?

·       Why the silence over the subjugation of our gallant mothers detained in Nigerian prison?

·       Do the world leaders promote injustice and subjugations in African?

·       Why are the world powers always fighting terrorism every day in Syria, Libya, Afghanistan etc but keep mute on Africa?

·       Are they more interested in Economy interest or human lives?

·       What does UN, AU, EU, etc. represent?

·       What is the International communities up to?

·       Is African Continent a conquered people?

·       What is the work of the US Government over the Boko Haram operations in Nigeria?

·       Why is the world keeping silent over the plights of the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB)?

·       Oh! you guys want to sell arms for your economy growth?

·       Do Black Lives ever matter to you at all?

·       The war looming in Nigeria can be averted now.

·       Hopefully Self-Determination is enshrined under the UN Charter 2009, but I doubt if that applies to Black Continent.

·       Don't our mothers have the right to agitate and protest?

There are a lot of questions begging for answers but I will stop at this and patiently wait for response. Our lives matter, we have the moral right to agitate for a sovereign nation. No amount of neglects will make us reject freedom. We will fight against this tyranny until we are totally free from these crime against humanity (Nigeria).

The Nigerian state is indeed a failed state and must be dissolved. Since our political elites has gone to their various hiding, and our clergymen (Pastors) has gone mute but when it comes to tithing, they will shout on top of their voice for brethren to bring for more private jets and universities etc. This men in black suit wouldn't speak up against this injustice on our women. I hope the creator is watching these injustices. I hope the God's of Ala-Igbo has not gone to bed, they must rise and fight for her up springs who are going into extinction. They must revenge against the wicked government of the world using our people to kill their own. Amadioha (The God of thunder, lightning and vengeance) aren't sleeping yet. This drum of war the Government of Nigeria and her puppets in our land are drumming will consume them all. May no good thing ever come out from this evil forest (Nigeria) for molesting our mother's in such a way.  Iseeee (So shall it be)

Am using this medium, to call on the good people of the world, people of goodwill, lovers of freedom and friends of Biafrans to speak up and condemn this injustice against the IPOB Women Wing (IWW) fighting for their freedom. There rights are been stepped upon by the tyranny of Nigerian government and her collaborators. Our elderly mothers cannot be kept in such a dirty dungeon for exercising their fundamental rights to freedom. This is a height of injustice and any right-thinking person must condemn it totally. This insult must stop, you arrest our youths, father's and nothing happened, now you have arrested our mothers and you are telling us nothing will happen, we didn't carry arms but yet you tagged us a terrorist organization. Now our mothers are now terrorist too for protesting too? what is our crime as a people? CHUKWU OKIKE KEDU EBE ENU (God where are you)?

The tears and agony are too much on your children, the world has looked the order way, they don't give shit about us and our mother's. Chukwu Okike, would you watch the world to laugh at us your children? Haven't we suffered enough as a people, the evil world is eating large at our plights and laughing at us your blessed children. Igwekala come and free us from this mess we found ourselves into. Enough Is Enough.

Inclusion: If Self-Determination is crime then, let's continue till all of us are jailed but if it is not; then let's continue and never relent nor surrender because freedom is not cheap. Biafrans fight harder until the oppressors feel the heat. Our freedom is inevitable. Biafra has risen and nothing born of a woman can stop this divine quest to freedom. FIGHT ON GREAT WARRIORS UNTIL WE ACHIEVE OUR GOAL.

Written by:
Mazi Dimkpa Ikenna Ikenga Amadioha-Gbo
For: Rivers State Media (Igwuocha Province)

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