■ Author:  Ugochinyere Onyechere 
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ

■ July 3, 2018
Osibe Maduabughichi, a member of IPOB who was among the number of IPOB members arrested during the Operation Python Dance II that lasted from 11th - 14th September 2017 in Abia state spoke with Umuchiukwu Writers regarding his arrest and life experience in prison till his release. Osibe Maduabuchi hails from Ndiotuma Village Isobo Otaka community Obubra Local Government Area of Cross River State in Biafra land. He was arrested on the 12th of September 2017 and has been in prison till Friday 22nd June 2018. The arrest of Mazi Osibe was initiated as a result of the python dance II exercise carried out by the Nigerian military in Abia State, in the target of the hometown of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. The exercise which took so many Biafrans incommunicado in various prisons across Nigeria and also, many into the grave has become another spot of genocide around the world. From the narration of Mazi Osibe's experience, he noted that from Cross River State in Biafra land. He narrated how he was arrested by the Nigerian army at Isiala-Ngwa junction along Enugu Aba express road on his way to the home of the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra at Afara-Ukwu-Ibekwu Umuahia Abia state. According to him, he was arrested with other Biafrans Who were at his company.

We were halted by the Nigerian army who were already stationed at the junction. I and my colleagues were OK our way to our leader's house, we were harmless. Our crime was to put on our Biafran materials. We were not only arrested but experienced the death of our brother shot by a Nigerian soldier because he was putting on the material all over his body. He was shot at his lower rib and I was asked to carry his corpse. I cried bitterly inside my heart as I watch him die. He looked at me and said, "NEVER LEAVE THE STRUGGLE ".

He gave up the ghost after this heartbreaking comment. I laid him down near the bush and was asked to lay down inside the dirty water close the location. I stayed there for many hours and also received severe Tortures that closely claimed my own life too. After few hours, others were asked to join me, we all laid inside the dirty water under a hot sun. It was terrible, but that was not the end of the story", he added. Mazi Osibe further explained their experiences while they were taken to the prison.

"We were driven to the army camp at Umuahia Tower. Getting to the gates, there was disagreement between the group. They argue whether to take us in or hand us over the police. We were later informed that had we been taken into the camp, that we would have all been wasted. But Chiukwuokikeabiama fought for us and we were instead taken to the police station. Due to the increment, we were rising up to 51. There was no space for us to be sheltered in the police station. We were then taken to the state CID. Our statements were noted down, and we were proud to identify ourselves as innocent Biafrans who were on our way to Umuahia but were arrested, molested and most importantly killed for putting on Biafra materials.

 We were taken to the court after some days, and from then the Magistrate court in Afara Ukwu Umuahia continuously denied us bail on conditions not cleared to us. However, we know that they were on the manipulations of the Nigerian government to detain us unlawfully. Our defence counsel kept on with the fight, and at least 38 of us were granted bail on stringent bails individually after 9 months in the prison", he said. Furthermore, he stated how they were intimidated by the magistrate judge who asked then to denounce Biafra in exchange for their freedom. Mazi Osibe informed us that they rejected such order and termed it sacrilegious because they have sworn to either die happily as Biafrans or get Biafra. Conclusively, he thanked IPOB worldwide for their encouragements and gifts brought to them by various IPOB units in different states.

He also thanked the IPOB leadership for their resilience and pledge to continue in this tranquillity till death takes over his part. Recall that the Nigerian military had earlier denied killing anyone on the same ground, but here's the greatest proof of it all. Recall also, that our investigative team in their findings discovered that not less than 28 people were killed in the house of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, 30 injured, Many missing, while so many others were arrested. Among the missing individuals are Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and his parents. This is a grievous crime against the existence of man, and we urge every humanitarian organization or individual to rise up and defend the rights of Biafrans.

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