By Chidi Aloysius Nwosu (Abia writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
This is more than one hundred years of the amalgamation by the British of the components that make up Nigeria. After the amalgamation of people with different value systems, Nigeria has not progressed like other countries have progressed. Since 1914 till date, Nigeria as a country has been going from bad, worse to worst because of the differences in their value systems and no miracle can make Nigeria to progress; as there are differences in value systems, there must always be conflicts amongst the component nations, and Britain knows that Nigeria can never work.

One time this year, the British prime minister, Theresa May said that “she wanted Nigeria to remain one” and I, asked if we, Nigerians are slaves to the British? Nigerians should know that since the existence of Nigeria, there has not been progress in any way; we are not developing like others; the marriage is not working and will never work; even if we stay for another one hundred years, it will always be the same set of people that will be ruling this country, and the masses have no decisions to make in the governance of this country.

Go to other countries, it is their citizens that make decisions through referendum. Even Britain had their referendum on whether to exit the European Union or not, and we did not ask ourselves why such referendum cannot be held in Nigeria as well to allow the citizens decide on the way forward. Don’t we think it is our right like other citizens of the world to decide how to live, because we are not lesser beings or slaves to Britain? Just think it over, Britain has a way of asking their citizens to decide on certain matters, but, Nigerians cannot, is it not slavery? It is and I think we allow ourselves to be enslaved.

This country can be separated along the same value systems and still live where we are, without relocating, just obtain a passport of where you are residing and the component nations that will be separated will still do business with one another and develop at a better pace. Nigerians should use this 2019 to ask for a referendum for dissolution of Nigeria rather than to elect the same people because none of the aspirants is worth voting for. It is still the same people that have been ruling us for the past century without progress and have no better ideology whatsoever.

They have enslaved us for more than a century and can never be better. I urge Nigerians to have their futures decided by them by asking for a referendum and stop being slaves. There can be peaceful dissolution and sharing of assets through a referendum by the citizens. We have our destiny to determine and live better as people with good infrastructures and better living conditions. Dissolution of this country will be better if not best for the common man.

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