By Arinze Chukwu (Abia Writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
The Indigenous people of Biafra have been the target of destruction since the Amalgamation plot in Nigeria, carried out by the two British experts, in the year 1914. Despite the fact that the Amalgamation has expired the British government is still quiet about a referendum to determine whether Nigeria should continue as one or divide.

The Amalgamation was not for the benefit of the citizens of Nigeria rather it was for British administrative convenience and commercial interests. When the Biafrans and Yorubas forced the British out, they handed the country over to the less intelligent Hausas for easy manipulation. It has been an association whose government favours only the northern region of the country since then. The various government has been using Biafrans to do its campaign but has not allowed them to enjoy the dividends of their hard work and resources.

They connived never to allow a Biafran rule the country because they are afraid of the intelligence of Biafrans. There is this slogan that always reigns during campaign period, "Never allow Igbo to rule again”. The divide and rule system which they used to destroy Biafra has been exposed by the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Through his teachings, he has United all the Biafran States and clans that were scattered because of the divide and rule system. The next thing Nigeria felt it could do is to start killing people who are at peace. Benue has been marked and set aside for total destruction.

OGONI land was one of the food baskets of Biafraland, the land was fertile and the waters filled with fish. The environmental devastation and degradation that took place in Ogoni land have not been seen anywhere in the world. The oil exploration and exploitation so devastated the land and sea that both agriculture and fishing which were the main occupations of the people are no more feasible. Nigerian government killed a prominent Ogoni son Ken Saro Wiwa, a writer and an environmental activist because he campaigned for the environmental protection of Ogoni land.

Successive governments have promised to clean up the land but none has lived up to their words. Whenever an election is around the corner or when they want to use their divide and rule system to put a wedge between the Ogonis and their Igbo brothers, they will remember Ogoni clean up. This Buhari Islamic APC government went as far as commissioning the cleanup project. OGONI land has been abandoned, despite the commissioning of Ogoni - clean up by the federal government. Up till now nothing has been done for that part of the country and the people are crying out loud that they no longer fish as pollution has killed all the fish, no good water, not even the one to drink, and no means of farming, yet President Buhari is asking them to engage in farming work.

The world leaders should with immediate effect come to the rescue of Biafran people. The suffering is becoming unbearable, America should live up to her reputation as the defender of human right and the oppressed. The United Nations is no longer carry out its duties as stipulated in the charter that established it, it is now choosing which people to defend and which to abandon. Things have fallen apart and the centre may no longer hold.

Biafra can never die nor be forgotten. Biafra is an ideology. Muhammadu Buhari should understand that he is sitting on a Democratic system of government. The killing of innocent people is a crime against humanity. The Military on daily basis and in broad daylight shoot at and kill people going about their normal businesses. Fulani herdsmen attack villages and kill people in their sleep, yet Mr. President is happy about it all, and the world is watching him. This is injustice in the highest order.

The Indigenous People of Biafra will no longer keep quiet. Muhammadu Buhari has not said anything about Nnamdi Kanu’s way about since almost one year he sent the military that took him away because he is a Biafran. One thing is assured, Nigeria cannot be Biafra and Biafra can never be Nigeria. Conduct a referendum now before it is too late.

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