■ Author:  Iheme Theodore 
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 6 June 2018
They died in the war We inherited peace May their sacrifice is not in vain May their faithful souls rest in peace. Amen. "When people have been subjected to a degree of inhuman violation for which there is no other word but genocide, they have the right to seek an identity apart from their aggressors."-Wole ⅝. The countries of the world united either by their actions or inactions to exterminate you oh mother Biafra!! For some remained neutral in times of moral crisis. Oh, Biafra. heroes you died because as humans, you are a conglomeration of nature and nurture. Nature: because you died out of the natural instinct to self-preservation- that your death would save the generations to come; to save the children of mother Biafra. Nurture: because you have seen the bright future of Biafra as a nation. You never wanted her to be obliterated from the surface of the earth. You believed that Biafra is your life. I share this belief.
Oh! I write for you mother Biafra the most amazing mother in the "black race". I remember our mothers and sisters raped and vitiated with vicious thrusts. I weep for numerous Biafra children who suffered from kwashiorkor full-scale starvation spearheaded by Awolowo. I weep for those innocent children who suffered from various obnoxious diseases. I remember Biafra gallant troops who sacrificed their lives even when all hopes seemed lost. Through hunger and strife, your mettle resonated. You gleefully welcomed death knowing it was the ultimate prize to pay for the love of motherland. the degree of confidence, you faced your belligerent enemies. Though sometimes you did feel like a ship torn from its moorings and thrown adrift in a raging sea, yet you remained resolute and formidable. Your patriotism can never go unrecognized.
I shower wonderful encomium on you. You sang songs of joy even when peace seemed elusive to your grasp. I never met you, but I have been inspired greatly by your wonderful sense of courage. Your clout is still resonating in my modest consciousness.
My whole being is united with you in longing for the restoration of mother Biafra. Through the falling and scattered debris of a lofty dream, Biafra will be restored. Rest in peace all mothers killed. Rest in peace to more than 3.5 million kids killed through starvation in the Biafran genocidal evisceration. Rest in peace gallant Biafran soldiers. Rest in peace formidable Biafrans killed during the operation of python dance. And a host of others killed in the ongoing pogrom being orchestrated by the horrendous Nigerian government. You died that I may live. Your sacrifices would never go in vain. Rest in peace forever
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