■ Author:  Chijioke Nwakama Ezechi 
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 6 June 2018
30th of May the indigenous people of Biafra worldwide observed a Sit-At-Home call as ordered by its leadership in honour and remembrance of our fallen heroes and heroines those that paid the ultimate prize with their life that we may live to talk about Biafra today.
On 30th of May, We once again indicated to the whole world that we are ready to go home as shops, schools, churches, hospitals, banks and other government offices are shut down while observing the heroes day, we are tired of being part of this evil British establishment called Nigeria,

Since the British forced us into this unwanted marriage with Nigeria our people are killed on daily basis while marginalization, injustice and intimidation has become the order of the day, and nothing is done over it, everybody is keeping mute including the international human right communities, none of them is speaking against it, but I can vividly remember the 13/11/2015 terrorist attack in Paris after the attack only 130 people were confirmed dead, also the one that happened recently in GASSA,

borderline between Israel and Palestine, which every world leader including UN stand up to speak about, another one that occurred recently on 22/5/2017 was the Manchester terrorist attack, in which after the attack 22 only was confirmed dead I still remember how all the international human rights communities stood up and condemned the killings, but Millions of Biafra has been killed, and still yet nobody is talking about it why must our own be different from others? When will justice be served to us? We are only asking for what belongs to us and not what belongs to the Hausa Fulani's or Oduduwa people, we have demonstrated to the world that what we want to let the zoo Nigeria army and police to know that Biafra must be restored no and that no amount of Intimidation or killings can stop the restoration of Biafra.

Even though the Nigeria Army still did what they know best to do today shooting and killing our people even at their residents, but we again thank (Chiukwu Okike Abiama) God almighty for making our this year heroes day a successful one, we made success in Italy, one of the populated place, we also gathered in pi Azza Della popolo (ROME)l, the police men called our national coordinator Michael iroanya for some critical questions, which after they gave us a go ahead order, we started at about 12;30 pm, ended by 3;00 pm.

However, victory was re-recorded as the people complied to Sit-At-Home order for the Fallen Heroes.

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