■ Author:  Nwaiwu Chukwuebuka 
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ 5 June 2018
As Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) continued to make history in its nonviolent quest for the restoration of Biafra, 30th May sit at home was remarkably a successful strategic Biafra referendum in disguise, to ascertain the availability of those in support of the Biafra restoration struggle. With all the falsehood by Nigeria and her Media outlets to twist the Sit At Home On this 30th May, order giving by IPOB in respect to Biafra fallen Heroes and Heroines who died fighting for Biafra, IPOB once again proving to Nigeria and the world as a whole that they are determined to do whatever Humanly possible to ensure Biafra is fully restored by Sitting at home, closing their Shops, Markets and all their source of their avenue on that day just to make sure Biafra fell Heroes is respected in due process.
Umuchiukwu Writers Media Crew were sent across Biafra Province to furnish proof of Biafrans compliance to Sit at Home order. Abia Province recorded huge Success as Ariaria international Market, Shopping Center, Timber Market, Super Markets, Banks, Schools were totally shut down in accordance to sit at the Home order by IPOB hierarchy just to commemorate Biafra Fallen Heroes. All the busy roads in Aba were totally empty and silent like a graveyard, while shops both in streets were all deserted as if human beings never existed in those areas.
Taxi drivers, Keke drivers, Bus drivers etc all complied to the sit at home order while some passengers who manage to come out early to take transit to their destination ended up being stranded along the road. Recall that 30th May is a historical day in Biafra land set apart by IPOB to honour Biafrans who paid the ultimate Prizefighting for the redemption of Biafra people in the Murderous establishment called Nigeria. 30th May is an extraordinary day in the lives of every Biafrans, a day history will never fail to reminisce in Biafran history, it is a day to beckon the spirits of 6.3 million Biafrans killed by Nigeria government and Britain to fight Biafran enemies, this day shall never be obligatorily or influenced by any Country, reason is because Biafra is a spirit which cannot be suppressed by any man born of a woman.
A few days back, the Igbo Governors, Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) etc in collaboration with Nigeria Security agents vowed to stop IPOB sit at Home order not to take place , but they failed woefully due to Biafrans are determined to ensure all Biafrans adhere to the Sit at Home, which recorded a huge turn up in all Biafra Provinces. In the same vein, Biafrans used this medium to send a message across to the world by urging them to order Nigeria to give IPOB a date for a referendum to determine whether to continue leaving in the failed Marriage or not because Nigeria to them is a country made for eternal damnation.
To digress a bit, Biafrans proceeded to register their dismay on the Nigerian States, pointing out that Nigeria military must stop Biafra killings and release their leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, his parents abducted on Sept. 14th, 2017, and also release numerous Biafrans illegally detained in Nigeria prisons for no just cause. They further pointed out how Buhari's Kinsmen Fulani Herdsmen are going about killing non-Muslims without being arrested or tried, Fulani Terrorist has been roaming the country with all sort of dangerous weapons equipped by Nigeria presidency in order to perfect their Islamisation Agenda championed by their godfather Mohammadu Buhari the Nigeria dictator President.
Nevertheless, IPOB has vowed to get Biafra restored or die to try, Nigeria government has done everything to stop Biafra but have always failed, Guns and Barrels of Bullets cannot stop the zeal of determined people. Biafrans are fully aware that the total compliance of the sit at Home obeyed by Biafran people, is an in doubtable fact that Biafra has come to stay because Chiukwu Okike is the one in control of the struggle. EDITED BY EZEKWEREOGU JOHN FOR UMUCHIUKWU WRITERS
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