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■ June 30, 2018

The situation of things gets uncontrollable whenever people were unable to remember or recall how it all began, and understand the importance of history; as we always say in Igbo adage "Onye na-amaghi ebe mmiri bidoro maba ya anaghikwa ama ebe okwusiri ima ya." Which means "whosoever that doesn't know where the rain started beating on him wouldn't know where it stopped." This inability to reason on why trouble broke out is one of the observable problems glaring the Nigerian state and the world at large on the face. The insecurity, insurgency, uprisings, pogroms, intimidation and harassment, double standard rulings, disobedience to the court order which amounts to disregard to the rule of law, e.t.c, are the same experience gotten during the 1984-1985 military regime of Mohammadu Buhari when he forcefully and militarily overthrew the democratically elected government of Shehu Shagari. It was the same lousy record of economic and political brouhaha which is observed now that the citizens of the country at that time faced during Buhari's military era. But it was so annoying, stupid and unimaginable of the so-called Nigerian political fathers to allow and accept or welcome the same man into power in the guise of democracy which he violated. He started by declaring war against corruption; just as he declared war against indiscipline in 1984-1985 as a slogan used in deceiving the world while targeting his enemies. Today, the same drama is seen playing its way again as he continued making use of such disguised slogan to arrest, detain, intimidate and kill his perceived political enemies and critics.

The first was the case of Sambo Dasuki who, allegedly, was actually the man that arrested him for committing treason and other associated crimes in 1983. The likes of Femi Fani-Kayode are a good example of those he has tried to shut their mouth, yet what has the world done about such intimidation and harassment? Nothing! The killings going on in Nigeria by his kinsmen, the Fulani herdsmen and Boko Haram whose agenda is to kill, destroy and take over lands belonging to others to spread Islam, are left unabated and uncontrolled. They now kill with impunity, yet the world has not taken any reasonable action as the human right of individuals living in this contraption called Nigeria is being infringed upon every moment of the day. Moreover, the policing department of the country has become something else; as they are now seen committing crimes against humanity with unconsciousness and recklessness. There are several reported cases which were left unattended till date by those in charge. This has been going on and on, yet no one cares to calculate the resultant simplification of these odious menaces. It is very disheartening that the international communities seem to look the other way as these unperturbed, unsupposed, unacceptable and unlawful acts continue to move on in Nigeria. In the case of arresting and intimidating lawmakers, it all began with the Senate president and his second in command; in the persons of Bukola Saraki and Ike Ekweremmadu respectively, in a cover-up that they were being probed. And today, we see it playing a full role on other senators and the house of representative members who were actually airing their mind on how the country is being governed unaligned with democratic principles and the rule of law. Now we have also seen how senator Deno Melaye was abducted, harassed and humiliated by the so-called Nigeria security agencies, all because he spoke out against the lackadaisical nature or behaviour of the Buhari-led government in handling the issue of Fulani herdsmen terrorising most of the parts of Nigeria.

The recent was the arrest of Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe by the DSS and Police which raised much tension in the already shattered country. This brought more clear understanding to the political elites that there is a serious breach of democracy, and also made the religious leaders wonder if Nigeria was still a circular state or an Islamic state. At least, all these have, furthermore, vindicated the supreme leader of IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who foresaw all these evil and atrocious acts coming, and started forewarning everyone, alerting the world of it, even before Mohammadu Buhari was elected. Finally, I would want to use this opportunity to let the world know that the killing is still ongoing; as can be sighted in the most recent one where the arm bandits, terrorist Fulani herdsmen, killed over 200 people in Plateau state, and the chairman of the Miyetti-Allah cattle breeders allegedly made bold to say that the killing in Plateau was a reprisal attack as 300 cattle were lost in the state, so they should expect more killings. This means that the life of a cattle worth more than the life of any average Nigerian. Meanwhile, the execution is clearly observable to be targeted towards ensuring that the country is Islamized entirely.
Therefore, it would be in the interest of the world leaders and the international communities to do the needful by acknowledging the fact that an expired state is as delicate and infectious as an expired drug. Until they stand up without playing politics, self-lodging and unconcerned on the issues affecting humanitarian aspect of Africa, and come to accept the reality that the only solution for peace to be restored in Africa and the world at large is to do justice by giving the most afflicted indigenous people in the world (known as the Biafrans) the maximum support for their freedom to be achieved through a peaceful means. Without this, the world entirely will see no peace; because justice denied to an individual is justice denied to the society at large.

Edited/Published By Udeagha Obasi
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