As a free thinker and a lover of freedom, I often times engage myself in a deep thought on the issues surrounding Africa as a continent and how to resolve the havoc wrecking the continent. Sometimes I end up wallowing my mind in the emptiness of no answer but after a while I will continue from where I stopped, because it is something that bothers me on frequent basis on how it can be rectified.

The issues affecting Africa ranging from political misconduct, corruption, wickedness, insecurity, penury, illiteracy, decease, lack of infrastructure and developments is ineffable. Some were quick to conclude that Africa is the base of Satan and Nigeria serves as its headquarters, due to the high level of illegalities going on in the entire region. Africa as a continent have the highest percent of the total corrupt politicians and human beings on earth and majority of them are Nigerians. It is more worrisome to know that Nigeria alone has the highest percent of Satan ambassadors on earth, majority are the Hausa Fulani(s).

Focusing on Nigeria which is the evil headquarter in Africa, one should wonder why they are the richest poor nation in the continent. One should wonder why they are the giant of Africa yet thousands of innocent citizens are being massacred on monthly basis as a result of terrorism and insecurity. It is simply because they are some cabals who derives joy and pleasure from the atrocities and the illegalities to the detriment of others. The continuous killings of Fulani herdsmen and boko haram and the marginalization of Biafrans in Nigeria is a clear evidence of prove.

These are the reasons why it seems that Africa was created different from other continents of the world and her citizens inferior to the white, men that represent and work for the devil are numerous in Africa especially in the contraption called Nigeria.

Who then shall salvage Africa?  What is the hope of Africa? Should it be allowed to keep wallowing in darkness and subjugation they were subjected into by men of selfishness? No! Something must be done and there is no better time to do it than now. All the concerned persons must join hands on deck to end this mendacious ludicrous act that are setting Africa backward especially in Nigeria at all ramifications.

The efforts of the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu must be encouraged and supported despite all odds  because the continent of Africa died in Biafra and the restoration of Biafra shall no doubt restore Africa to her initial glory. For these reasons and more, all and sundry irrespective of interest, ethnicity gender and background ought to rise up and do the needful and support the Biafra total freedom from Nigeria because it will do Africa and the world entirely more good than harm.

Written by:
Ogeh Friday Igiri
For: Ebonyi State Media

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