El-Kakzaky: Still under Buhari's gulag 
Dave O. Umahi
For Biafra Choice Writers

Muhammadu Buhari, Nigeria’s latest dictator is decimating Shiite Muslim population without mercy, just as he had been doing to the Biafran population. But painfully, and as has been the case through the years, world major media houses – CNN, BBC, Washington Post, etc – will continue to keep quiet.
As we remember our dead come May 30, we will also spare some thoughts for thousands of them that have been massacred by Buhari, the beast, to make way for his Wahhabist Fulani hegemony. Latest in mind was last Tuesday, April 24, when the group took their case to Nigeria Human Rights Commission (NHRC), with the corpse of one of their members, Ahmad Rufai Dodo. The man was murdered by Nigerian Police with live bullets. The group had the belief that the move (of bringing the corpse as evidence) would make the human rights respond appropriately to their plight.
Their spokesperson, during the encounter with the NHRC, had said: “We have been reporting a lot of the atrocities committed by the government we now decided to come along with the corpse of this our brother so that Human Rights Commission will see it”.
Bu will the Human Rights Commission act? That is doubtful. The Commission, like the courts, the Police and Army, is one of the dead governmental arms that have been swallowed up under the Buhari’s dictatorial arm. The Army has, on several occasion been used to murder innocent Nigerians under many flimsy excuses (even the Shiites). Among such people were thousands of Shiites murdered at the home of the Nigerian Shiite leader, Sheikh Ibrahim el-Zakzaky. It took place on December 14, 2015, and on that day el-Zakzaky, was abducted.
Like the Army, the courts have also been compromised. The court has early in 2016 ordered for the release of El-Zaksaky, but the Buhari government have ignored the court order and have been holding the man behind bars. Few days ago, the group commenced peaceful protests in Abuja, Nigeria capital, but the Police had been shooting and killing them. Unfortunately, international media have turned blind eye to it all, thereby emboldening Buhari and his henchmen to continue with the murder of the innocent unperturbed.
Perhaps one good development is the latest United States of America (USA) security report which has indicted Nigeria of human rights violations against its own citizens. Let’s see whether the world media will, as a result of that play their true role in society, or whether they will continue with their black-out of Buhari’s activities.

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