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Nnia Nwodo, the chameleon and discredited leader of the already discredited saboteur group, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, was at the Nigerian Rubberstamp Senate. He was there to do what he knew how to do best, which is to buy time for his Fulani masters under the guise of campaigning for restructuring.
From the first time Nnia Nwodo became Ohanaeze President and started talking as though he was in support of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), hardcore Biafrans knew him. They knew he was simply a mole.
It was not lost on the Biafrans that he had been in the business of always calling on Nigerian Police to have IPOB meetings disrupted, and having the Biafrans arrested and detained under trumped-up charges. He would always ask the Police to detain and torture the people thoroughly, which they always did under inhuman conditions.
Biafrans have never been surprised because they knew he was one of the unscrupulous youths recruited by the National Party of Nigeria (NPN) in 1978 to work against Biafra interest. He was sold-out to doing his saboteur business, which endeared him to the Sokoto Caliphate, and made rewarded him as one of Shehu Shagari’s advisers in 1979. He was said to be around 25 years at the time.
It was not lost on Biafrans that late in 2016, the Sultan of Sokoto travelled to Nsukka to recruit him and some other willing tools to act as moles against Biafra independence agitation being spearheaded by IPOB. They then helped him bribe and wangle his way into Ohanaeze Presidency. Ohanaeze is a group housing many unscrupulous and integrity-challenged Igbo/Biafra quislings.
His recruitment and that of others was part of the Fulani expansionist plan to infiltrate IPOB and the Biafran struggle, so as to destroy it from within. It is a thing of joy today that it is dawning on many people that those like Nnia Nwodo who claimed solidarity with Nnamdi Kanu, the IPOB leader, and shouted “Biafra freedom!” with him, were nothing but agents of Fulani hegemony.
The plan was to have them get close to IPOB leadership, pretend to have sympathy for the struggle so as to endear themselves to the heart of Biafrans, so that when eventually begin to go against the IPOB leadership they would be able to lure many away with monetary inducements.
This has already happened.
In putting the plan to action, Nwodo started playing his card by granting press interviews pretending to be speaking in favour of the young Biafrans who were fed-up with their slave status in the Fulani colonized zoo, Nigeria. He took his deception a notch higher when he visited Nnamdi Kanu, and arranged other visits with him, pretending to be finding ways to render support for the legitimate freedom activities he was organising.
It did not take long, he started showing his wicked hand when late June, last year, he went to Anambra State House of Assembly to speak against IPOB and its decision to boycott the governorship election of that period. The hopeless quisling, known as Nnia Nwodo described Kanu as one seeking relevance. From there on, many followed him and started speaking against Biafra, Biafrans, and Nnamdi Kanu. From there they connived with Nigerian Army and plotted the assassinated of Kanu in an exercise they called operation Python Dance2. Today nobody knows what they did with the Biafran leader and his parents, as he has not been seen after they stormed his family house.
Apart from Nnia Nwodo, there was the actor, Kenneth Okonkwo, who pretentiously appeared in court during Nnamdi Kanu’s trial, as he was apparently advised by the Fulani leadership. They wanted to know whether he would have the courage to against the struggle after that, by denying Biafra.
He did all that. Having passed the test, they have granted him the permission to start printing posters and campaigning for the position of governor in Enugu State.
They will fail.
Biafrans want nothing but referendum to tell the world that they want out of the evil contraption called Nigeria. That is why every Nigerian election remains boycotted in Biafraland. Anyone jumping up and down claiming to be running for office is a quisling and a saboteur of the Biafran dream.

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