■ Author:  Chinonso Igwebuike Mbah   
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ May 8, 2018
As tension continues to build in Biafra land over the deployment of four jet fighter am putting it straight to the international communities, that destruction of lives, properties and terrorism has always been the primary duty of every average Almajiri Fulani man in power, more over spilling the blood of Innocent and defenceless Biafrans ,such indication is the plot of Air Marshall Sadiq Abubakar the chief of Air force over his deployment of four jet fighter's to Enugu province Biafra land ,during his visit to ground breaking and foundation laying ceremony of Air force ground training command, G.T.C complex head quarters in Enugu, part of the statement made by Sadiq reads ,that the purpose of Air force training command complex in Enugu province was to reposition the Nigerian Air force to tackle insurgency in the country and also to increase the recruitment of officers from 1000 personnel a year to 1500 personnel in every six months. I quote, what this man is saying here is that they are here again to lay siege in Biafra land and also willing to reposition themselves for another mass murder, these time around they will recruit our vibrant youths and send them to fight insurgency in northeast, because somehow to them "IPOB" is a threat to existence of Nigeria and they must be stopped by all means. These men and their collaborator slave boy in Enugu government ifeanyi ugwuanyi and Nnia Nwodo together with some errand boys of Muhammad Buhari, are now preparing the grounds for the next phase of "operation python dance 3" to maim and spill the blood of Biafrans ahead of heroes and heroine remembrance day, if these blood sucking demon jamboree Air Marshall don't have the intention to massacre and bring mayhem to us, why is this development coming few days after "IPOB" issued a press release urging all Biafrans and every indigenous people single out for total destruction and ethnic cleansing by the Buhari government of terror, in the contraption called Nigeria to join them in remembrance of their people massacred by Boko Haram and killer herdsmen come 30th of May 2018?. Come to think of it these Fulani foot soldiers and his gang of terrorists want to stage another bloodbath in our land and use the jet fighters to intimidate us should we try to react, if not why is Sadiq Abubakar sending four jet fighters to Biafra land where there is no insurgency? While at Northeast is flowing with the blood of innocent and defenseless indigenous people.
Note of warning to all Biafra youths that want to apply for any recruitment into the Nigeria force, you must disassociate yourself from such because it's a plot laid down by Murderous Nigerian government in collaboration with the security chiefs to maim and spill the blood of our able-bodied youths, at these particular time guidance and parents are hereby advised to inform their loved ones to retract from any recruitment ,these people mean more harm than good for us and we must be vigilant. Sadiq Abubakar should go to Benue state and Northeast and restore peace and order, or as well commence his recruitment from the North. International communities must take note that Muhammad Jubril Buhari and the contraption called Nigeria is a threat to world peace and security ,they are here again to launch "Operation Python Dance |||" the world leaders must not be mute this time ,sooner or later they will commence the bombardment of Biafraland and in there usual animalistic thinking claim they are flying the jet for testing, should there be any breakdown of law or loss of lives and properties in Enugu province and Biafraland in general Jubril Muhammad Buhari together with "Crying governor" ifeanyi ugwuanyi and the traitor of our time Nnia Nwodo should be held responsible and made to face the law.

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