Nnia Nwodo: Ohaneze ruler

By Dave O. Umahi
For Biafra Choice Writers

Recently, it was gathered that Nnia Nwodo, the one they call Ohaneze President, gather men of his inner circle in his ugly association to inform them that all should do anything possible within their powers to see that the narrative on restructuring was sold wholesale to the world. He had told them to use whatever means within their power to saturate the Nigerian media with the narrative.
He expected that it would make it possible for their restructuring mantra to drown out every other view within Igbo-Biafraland, especially the agitation for a free Biafra. In addition, he hoped that would also give the international community the belief that “Restructuring” was the frenzied popular demand of Biafrans.
This explained why many of its elements went to the media to drum up support for their coming Jamboree called Ohaneze Summit on Restructuring that was being planned for Awka, the Anambra State capital. However, in the process of making their press statements, the men have lied and uttered incoherent and illogical nonsense all over the place.
A good example was what happen with their so-called Deputy National President, a man named Professor Chigozie Ogbu, who said that referendum for Biafra was not feasible. He was reported to have stated this while delivering a speech at a town hall meeting in Abakiliki, the Ebonyi State capital.
His reason was that referendum was not captured in the yellow sheet which Nigerians call constitution, a document written by one man, Abdulsalami Abubakar. That notwithstanding, he did not tell his audience that the “Restructuring”, which Ohaneze was so frenziedly pursuing, was also not visible. Why? Because going by his argument, “Restructuring” was also not in the constitution.
Interestingly, no one takes Ohaneze serious any longer. There judgments have always wrong, and their decisions unclear and unsound. The people have come to realise that the only motivation for the “Efulefus” in Ohaneze is the crumbs they pick from the British/Fulani hegemony. Biafrans now know that has always mattered to Ohaneze elements is that their actions and statements excite their Fulani masters enough to gain them crumb-picking political appointments. But Biafrans are now ready to change all that.
This was how they have carried on deceiving the people they claim to be fighting for until today where it is clear to everybody that Ohaneze is as useless as those that constitute it. Ohaneze has been busy lying since 1978, while the British/Fulani hegemony craftily turned the country from a federation to a unitary state. This is how they have carried on until the people they have claimed to speak for are today holding the short end of the stick. Today, under the nose of Ohaneze, a former federation in which the federal units have equal stake have been turned into one in which the southern part is now an appendage to the North.
Nigeria as a federation had four regions – three in the South and one in the North. But today the single region of the North has been unilaterally turned into 19 states by the British slaves called Fulani, while the three regions of the South have been clamped into 17 states.
This was done while Ohaneze kept holding jamborees, speaking from both sides of their mouth, with its membership going from place to place begging their British/Fulani masters for crumbs. Today, their sins have found them out and they can no longer deceive the people.
This is why today, Monday, May 21, Biafrans are at the venue of their so-called “Restructuring Summit” to confront them and give the world the right perspective on the situation in Biafraland.

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