Formidable Biafrans to resist Ohaneze Jamboree in Biafraland

By Dave O. Umahi
For Biafra Choice Writers

Ohaneze is a group of unscrupulous Igbo-Biafra men who have for long deceived the people by pretending to work and speak for their good. For about 42 years they have carried on with this deceit. But today the people are beginning to ask questions. They have counted the cost and realized that Ohaneze had been more of a liability than an asset.
The people, the Biafrans, have seen through Ohaneze. Today, the Biafrans, have realized that the elements constituting the group are nothing but spineless money-mongering politicians who only use the name of the group to campaign and position for political crumbs from their British/Fulani masters. They are ready to resist it.
Biafrans now know that Ohaneze, contrary to what they (Ohaneze have always claimed, were always conniving with their British/Fulani slave masters to cut off genuine efforts at Biafra emancipation. The people are determined to put a stop to that today.
The people are aware how Ohaneze played this ignoble card late last year (in their plot with some governors). That was when they invited the Nigerian Army of occupation to kill innocent and unarmed Biafrans to save their political crumb-picking business. They told the Army to storm the compound of Nnamdi Kanu, the Biafran leader, armed with full military weaponry to kill everything in sight. Since then nobody knows the whereabouts of Kanu and his parents.
Ohaneze has always support Nigeria massacre of Biafran Youths
Having seen through Ohaneze, the Biafrans are rejecting the jamboree that Ohaneze is hosting in Anambra State, which they (Ohaneze) claim to be a summit on “Restructuring Nigeria”. Having realized that Ohaneze would only be carrying out an assignment from their British/Fulani overlords, which is aimed at using such a noisy gathering to remove attention from the real demands of the people, the people are set to resist them. Apart from using it to take attention away from Biafra independence quest, Biafrans also know that Ohaneze want to use it to deceive the international community, to make them believe that Biafrans want the so-called restructuring instead.
Most annoying to Biafrans is that the quislings infested Ohaneze had never at any time sampled the opinion of Igbo Biafrans, who they claim to fight for, to know what they want. This is why this morning, May 21, 2018, as Ohaneze gather to hold their jamboree at Awka, Anambra State capital, Biafrans will be at the same venue to tell the world the true situation of things in their land.

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