Hon. Dr Kinsley Ogba the Jewish scholar and a tutor highlights on the significant of Shavuot (Pentecost) as the Biafra Jews joined their counterparts across the world especially in Israel to observe this year's festival.

During his teaching on the special festival observed among the Jews and Christians all over the world, he explained that the festival of Shavuot which is popular known as Pentecost is observed after seven weeks from the Shabbat of the Passover, he equally explained that it is specific because it was the day the ten commandments was given to the children of Israel in mountain Sanai through Moshe (Moses) who led them out of Egypt.

He further explained that it was the day the disciples Yahushua Hamashia (Jesus) was observing the festival of Shavuot that the holy spirit which he promised to send to them came up them in form of flame of fire on their foreheads which enabled them to speak in tongues and other languages of the world. 

He stated that there are a lot of blessings attached to observing the festival just as it is in observing shabbat properly.

While speaking on the agitation for Biafra restoration, he went back to memory lane to tress the history of Biafra and according to   him he quoted that Biafra has being in existence long ago before the contraption that brought the name Nigeria, he said that the old map of Africa has Biafra in it and it was drawn by the international community. He affirmed that one day the monkey will go to market and it will not come back again. 

He advised Biafrans and IPOB members all over the world who are in the struggle to restore Biafra which he said is the kingdom of Yahweh (God) on earth to remain resolute and strong because soon victory will be achieved.

Written by:
Ogeh Friday Igiri
For: Ebonyi State Media

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