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■ May 29, 2018
In the 1960s, the attention of the world was drawn to the sufferings and courage of particular race who, for thirty months was under total blockade and with little more than their will to survive, waged war for thirty months without any hope of import. Just a flashback to what actually caused the quest for Biafra, after the counter-coup by the northerners, Gowon has assumed power as a military head of state it is expected that the killing should stop but instead the northerners said they would kill one million Biafrans to appease the death of Sardana of Sokoto, after Ojukwu peace talk with Gowon he told the Biafrans to go back to the north That Gowon has assured him the killing will stop.
On their return to the north, the killing started which brought with it an influx of refugees into Eastern Nigeria from all over the Federation of the contraption called Nigeria
They came back by air, land and sea, in pathetic and shocking conditions, most of them had one or the other part of there bodies either broken or completely missing. Thousands of children arrived, some with severed limbs and many others emasculated, the adult bore the full brunt of the killing, and very few arrived from the north unharmed, those whose legs were not severed brought them back shattered and had to be amputated anyway, many others had there eyes, nose, ears and tongues plucked out, the highlight of this horror was the arrival in Enugu of the headless corps of a Biafra man, women above the age of ten where raped and many of them came back on stretchers, the remaining eastern Nigeria soldiers in lagos came back by air, they arrived either naked or in under pants, and the big gashes in their body shows they where either beaten or tortured. There was hardly a single family in eastern Nigeria who did not suffer a loss through these massacres.
As could be expected tempers were high I mean incredibly high particularly when those who managed to come back told their stories of carnage and atrocities from Kano came the story of how Biafrans who had assembled at Kano international airports in an attempt to fly away to safety where rounded up by northern troops and killed in Jos the mob were said to have combed out all Biafrans of them including men old women and children, were either killed or maimed. Young women were rapped untill some of them collapsed and died, some pregnant women they said had their wombs cut open and their unborn babies brought out arid publictly executed in Zaria there was an attempt to intimate the system tried in Sokoto in may 1966. Most of the Biafrans were hounded into a church and there rather than burn down the church their assailants were sent in with matches and other weapons to cut them down. In the height of all this pogrom on the 27th of may, the eastern consultative assembly mandated col Ojukwu to declare east Nigeria a free sovereign and independent state by the name and title of the Republic of Biafra.
Our fathers fought for 30 months blockaded without any hope of import, and in that 3 heavy years of freedom we built a telecommunication gadget locally engineered we spoke to the world the world heard us and talked back to us, we developed and maintained the Uli airport under massive bombardments by Britain and their cohorts, instead of them to help us they ensured that our blockade was absolute that we might die, they bombed us from air land and sea, we built and maintained rockets, Biafra had a missile going 6 and a half miles hitting on targets, we produced shore Batteries that sinks any metal on the sea, we produced bombs (Ogbunigwe) later called Ojukwu bocket, we were murdered in millions but our heroes to mention but a few Gen Emeka Ojukwu, Philip Effiong, col Joe Achuzie, Col Alexander Madiebo and much more worthy of emulation stood their ground that we may live, so that our memories won't be cut off from the face of the earth, because they planned to bury us, but they dont know we are seeds. Come this 30th of may Biafrans all over the world will once again ''sit at home'' to mourn our fallen heroes, their sacrifices will forever be written in the pages of our hearts and reflected in the mirrors of our face we will never forget you all.
This is geared towards making Biafrans and all lovers of freedom to understand the pains these heroes and heroines underwent in other to give us future. We will never forget.

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