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■ May 29, 2018

It is essential that every reasoning human¹ being understood what the call on 30th May of every year means in the life of Biafrans. We are instructed to ''sit at home''. The world kept a deaf ear and looked the other way while Biafrans were being massacred with rains of live bullets, a bomb from Shelling tearing and cutting the bodies of both children and adult women, men in hospitals, churches, IDP camps, marketplaces, and on the roads.
The Russian fighter planes were seen dropping millions of bomb in various strategic places while the well-armed Nigerian foot soldiers who were not only well equipped to the teeth but British motivated to try all means damn fit to annihilate Biafrans and to destroy every living thing in the blessed land of Biafra. They killed, raped women, cut open the womb of pregnant ones, and stabbed the unborn child in the belly; an act questionable and demonic.
All these were suffered by the innocent Biafrans who are the godliest and peace-loving people in the world; people that never raised or wished to raise up arms or start a war against anybody or any of their neighbours or any nation in their entire life. The world kept quiet; they looked on and did nothing while the Defenceless Biafrans were being slaughtered for thirty months and even beyond. The genocide that was instigated prepared and sponsored by British government out of their greed and jealousy.
Therefore, it will be unwise for the world not to hearken unto this clarion call to observe this marked out day(30th May) by Biafran all over the world, a remarkable day to remember our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, and children who died. Again, honour our gallant men and women that went into war without any guns and bullets to confront our eternal enemy, those who hate us with passion, the marauding Hausa-Fulani Jihadists that have come to kill, destroy and take over our land; as they were being sponsored and equipped by the lazy, greedy, envious Britain in the most zealous, determined, impracticable, uncivilized, cruel, and unacceptable manner.
However, the world must stand up after this year's 30th May Heroes and Heroines remembrance day to say "Enough is enough" to this killing still happening in the Already expired state called Nigeria. It is clear and easy to notice that the people who are victims of extra-judicial killings, intimidation, subjugation, extra-judicial torture, illegal detention in different parts of Nigeria are mainly Biafrans and other lovers of justice in this jihadist(Buhari) rule. The people in this contraption called Nigeria are getting suffocated more and more each day, and need space.
Moreover, the stretching of days or delaying of Freedom of Biafrans is long overdue, and the world must no longer look the other way as Biafrans remained the targeted, the most endangered race in the world this day. If forced to pick up arms for self-defence, the world might witness what has not been recorded in history or experienced in life ever since man started walking on this planet because, when we march, the earthquakes.
The order to all Biafrans in Biafra land to observe a'' Sit-At-Home'' has been issued by the Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB) through its leadership as a way to honour our fallen Heroes and Heroines. And the Hausa-Fulani political slaves in our land that are sellout elders of our nation -who are self-acclaimed Ohanaeze Ndigbo claiming they are representing the masses While they are not -and the governors in the southeast have been going about sharing money to some individuals to come out to defile that critical day. There has also been a vast number of artillery and military deployment in Biafra land from the day the order for a ''Sit-At-Home'' was made. All these intimidations are supposedly avoidable and must be curtailed if the UN, US, EU, AU, UAE, and other international bodies claimed to have been working to make the world a civilised place for all humans to dwell safely.
Let me conclude by humbly advising the world journalism to pay more attention to this year 30th May Biafrans' remembrance day which is to be celebrated in all parts of the world, especially the Sit-At-Home observable in Biafra land, and the whole world where Biafrans are residents.
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