That very special day, distinguished by Biafrans Worldwide for the remembrance of our people who were slain by the joint conspiracy between the British and the Nigerian state, under the regime of General Yakubu Gowon, the second highest mass killer to none other but Adolf Hitler, the freedom of the Jewish residents of Germany at the time of the Holocaust on Jews. Our own people of Biafra, like the Jews in Germany, were slaughtered without traces of initial provocation. As if those unnecessary sprees of killings were not enough, the Nigerian regime under Muhammadu Buhari also activated his own version of the killings upon unarmed peaceful IPOB activists, killing human beings to another tune of more than five thousand (5000) people, both in active protests and rallies and in cold blood. All glaring facts, indicate that all Biafrans have been marked for total extermination by the Nigerian state and of course with her global allies and the British in particular.

It is premised on these and many other reasons and facts, that I call upon Biafrans World over and all people of conscience , to join us on the 30th of May, 2018, to pay a deserving respect to our people, who died at the barrel of global conspiracy starting from the Jos massacre of 1945, the Northern Nigeria massacre of 1966, the genocidal war of 1967-70, the combined religious and anti-Biafran crises, spiralling all through from 1999, 2001, 2002 and till this very moment that the killing of Biafrans has become a free for-all game to all leaders and heads of security agencies in Nigeria.

It is therefore, very important that we sit at home on the 30th of May, in honour of our fallen and most beloved Heroes and Heroines, who put their lives on the line that we, the remnants of us who were left as survivors, may live and restore our dignity as humans. Heroes day is and remains a global tradition, which means that Biafrans have the absolute right to observe the very special day. Biafra Heroes day have come to stay and there is nothing anyone can do or say to dissuade us from observing this very special day for our beloved ones.

The Unites states of America, the Jewish state of Israel and other nations of the World also have their special day for the remembrance of those who made the necessary sacrifices for their nations to exist. Nigeria also have her own version of same, christened the armed forces Remembrance Day. Putting the 30th of May, as chosen by Biafrans for dignifying the sacrifices of her brave Heroes and Heroines as a subject of debate is as good as saying that some people are humans whilst others are not humans. For we Biafrans to play to the gallery of idiosyncrasies of our own detractors, who see as us non-humans, in their desperation to shatter our sit-at home order, the day we say 'we know to our dead heroes and heroines, is as good as giving a nod to the detractors, which infers that Biafrans are not humans and should not be remembered at all, even as those who paid the sacrifice for the Nigerian state are remembered on the Heroes day.

Marcus Garvey, the pan-Africa philosopher and activist says and I quote “those who lack knowledge of their histories are like a tree without root". As people who know their histories, and the plight we went through in our defence of motherland from being exterminated from global map and taken as booty by the savages of the Northern Nigerian military anarchists, I beg all of you brothers and sisters, to abide by rules and obey this singular day of our heroes and heroines. We have to unit ourselves in this revolution of Biafra restoration and put in our quota until our freedom is achieved. Nigeria as a state has no regards for anyone of us so long you are of Biafra origin.

The sit at home order also serves as a mock referendum to the observing World in our pursuit of a freed nation of Biafra and an astute message to the World, over our determination to restore the interrupted sovereignty of the state of Biafra. The restoration of Biafra remains the only remedy to our plights in this god-forsaken enclave so-called Nigeria and also stands as the only consolation we can make to all those we lost at various stages of our campaign for Biafra.   If we as a people fail to serve the observing World this singular message of our resolution on Biafra, we may stand centuries of plight in the hands of a people who consider us all as expendable organisms.

It is also most deserving, that I use the privilege of this piece, to thank the almighty maker of the Heavens and the Earth, the maker of Biafrans and Biafraland, the anchor of the current Biafra movements, the creator and our protector, CHUKWU Okike Abiama, God of Biafra and the universe for life, unity and consistency in the advancement of the freedom of Biafraland from a nation that has a sustained ancient conspiracy to see that the last of us is not left in the land of our ancestors, Biafraland.

Lastly, it will be a thing of joy for anyone not to join the barrage of distractions coming from our detractors against our resolve for a sit-at home order in honour of our fallen Heroes and Heroines come Wednesday, the 30th of May, 2018. I wish Biafrans all over the World a happy Heroes and Heroines day even as the day is meant for serious retrospective in-road on our journey so far as a people endangered by undeserving enemies. From me here, we are good to go!

Written by:
Christopher Odinaka Ani
Editor:  Alex C. Okeke
For:  Enugu Media Team

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