By Chidi Aloysius Nwosu (Abia writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
Congratulations to the newly elected executive of International Criminal Court, namely, Justice Chile Eboe - Osuji, the president ,Justice Robert Femr the first vice president and Justice Marc Perrin de Bruchambaut, the second vice president . You were elected on the plenary of the court on 11th March, 2018, and for a term of three years, which runs from 2018 to 2021. Justice Chile who practiced law briefly in Nigeria, may know how corrupt the Nigerian lawyers are, and it’s probable that is one of the reasons you moved to Canada. You may have noticed that there is no justice in Nigeria. Almost all the lawyers in Nigeria are corrupt. In fact, the entire Nigerian judicial system together with the government is corrupt.

Justice Chile is the first Nigerian to be elected or appointed to the position of the president of the International criminal Court. This appointment may probably be due to his previous record and achievements in the case of genocide in Rwanda and the case relating to the president of Kenya ,Uhuru Kenyatta. If he was practicing in Nigeria, he may not have been appointed or elected to this high position.

The newly appointed ICC president is aware that there are many cases of human and people’s rights violations in Nigeria, and genocide cases that have not gotten justice, including previous and the most recent genocides committed by the Nigerian government against the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB); Ogoni people and chiefs; Odi community; War crimes committed in Nigeria - Biafra war in which millions of children were starved to death, and many other such evils against the Nation of Biafra as a whole. Some of these cases have been on the table of the International Criminal Court unattended to, due to the influence and interference of the Nigerian government on the court. It is hoped that Justice Chile, will use his office to make sure that justice is done to all these cases pending in that court.

The outgoing president and executive of the court deserve some shower of praise for their sincere and good works in the handling of cases of genocide around the world, and much more admitting cases instituted by IPOB against the Nigeria government, undermining huge bribes and gratifications advanced by the Nigeria government to reject the suits. Humanity thanks them, and at the same time urges the current leadership of the court to hasten consideration on the IPOB suits before it. We thank you.
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