By Chimpuruimeihenile Immanuel Ukoha (Abia writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
Few months back, the president of the United States of America, Donald Trump, called African countries shithole countries. Shithole in a clearer sense means an anal opening for the removal of gaseous waste such as fart and faucal matter. It's of no importance if not for the passage of waste. President Trump, may have had reasons for calling the countries of Africa a shithole countries, despite the fact the USA has a hand in the height of poverty and killings in Africa today (they were among those who spearheaded and bought more persons during the transatlantic slave trade, hence reducing the workforce (youths) in Africa).

Africa may be one the continent with a good number of her children in another man's land either by hook or by crook (by slave trade or by free will). Nigeria is the worst, people are running away from Nigeria because of the height of poverty they are exposed to due to bad leadership. Why won't President Trump call Africa a shithole continent when Nigeria, the den of criminals and religious bigots, a country that kills and maims her citizens and destroys their properties at will, looks on while her citizens die of hunger; supports killer herdsmen menace and Boko haram; incarcerators of innocent people; miss-carriers of justice and such other evils, is her giant?

It is probably only in Africa that a country can have her dead president cloned, yet the masses are being fed with lies in favor of politicians. A president who could cancel the observance of a last respect owed the people of Benue state on the occasion of the burial of their sons and daughters who were brutally massacred by his cousins, the Fulani herdsmen, because he was attending a political gathering. Even when he finally decided to visit this particular ethnic group, did so walking on a red carpet, indicating that he was happy for what the Herdsmen did. On that same visit to Benue, he further exposed his leadership incompetence by telling the world that he did not know that the Inspector general of police did not go to the state as he instructed. What gross leadership incompetence! Little wonder Mr. Trump showed Rex Tiller the way out of office for visiting this incompetent leader.

It is worth remembering that Nigeria in this same Africa, massacred some IPOB members who were rallying on the 20th of January 2017, in solidarity with Trump's emergence and inauguration as the US President. For Mr. Trump, the creation of Nigeria is “the single worst decision ever made”. He had in a closed door meeting with Republican donors in Florida, compared Nigeria with, the “dummies of the world”, because they had bad politicians running their country for a long time,” (CNN).

Of all the continents of the world, Africa is the most endowed by nature with resources of various kinds- human, mineral and spiritual resources. Africa is also blessed with abundant life supporting climate, weather and resources. Unfortunately Africa is not living up to expectations when it comes to upholding equity and justice which was once Africa's hallmark. The AU shouldn't have a president of a country like Nigeria attends her summits, if not because of the money they get from Nigeria and fear of Nigeria’s creator-Britain. To worsen the evil in Africa, ECOWAS, descended so low by choosing Nigeria’s Abuja-the den of corruption and criminals as its headquarters and Buhari their leader. Little wonder the ECOWAS court in Nigeria has not been able to decide on any suit brought before it by various bodies including IPOB. All these are happening in this same Africa.
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