By Onumajuru onyekachi Macsantos (Abia writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
British government, Once again has indirectly demonstrated to the world that they are responsible for the genocide committed against Biafrans. For example, the BBC Hausa was established on 13th march 1957 at 0930GMT, which is about 60 years. All of a sudden, the British Government sprang up with poisonous trick named BBC IGBO VERSION, designed to suppress, and overshadow Radio Biafra, and to further their divide and rule system among Biafrans.

Two major things are involved in this BBC Hausa and IGBO VERSION establishment, namely:
(1) The BBC Hausa sevice was established to lay ambush on Biafrans, and at the same time educate the Hausa/Fulani people and prepare them mentally and physically for 1967 to 1970 genocide against Biafrans, which the British government tagged “police declaration and IGBO coup”.
(2) To destroy the hard work of IPOB through BBC IGBO platform.

There are few questions that need urgent answers:

(1) Why BBC IGBO, when the quest for Biafra restoration is at its peak?
(2) Has British Government favoured Biafrans before or say anything good about Biafrans? If the answer is “No”, then why this BBC IGBO at this sensitive level of Biafran struggle?
(3) Why only BBC Hausa/Fulani, Yoruba and IGBO, are these the only local languages in Nigeria, what of BBC Izon (ijaw),Igala, Efik etc?
(4) Biafrans are the most talented and educated people in Nigeria, then and now; between AREWA and Biafran people, who need media/information more? Since the Hausa/Fulanis hate Western culture with passion, example Bokoharam, why did British Government establish BBC Hausa 60years back?

British Government, you can deceive some people for sometimes but can't deceive all the people all the time (Bob Marley). Radio Biafra has wised up Biafrans unlike before. Biafrans, have through Radio Biafra platform, recognized at last, that media is more powerful than gun and bullet. The same Radio Biafra has already equipped and educated Biafrans, mentally. The same Radio Biafra that always provides the world with accurate news; information; history; science, research, current affairs, etc.
After 60years of Hausa/Fulani BBC, then comes IGBO BBC. This is laughable. Why at this apex point of Biafran struggle? The writing is boldly written on the wall. The question remains since British government loves Igbo Biafrans this much, why didn't BBC report or air the wide spread starvation to death of over 3.5million Biafran children from 1967 to 1970? What about the Nigeria securities’ genocide against peaceful IPOB members since last three years and the latest Fulani herdsmen menace in several communities of Biafran land?

British Broadcasting cooperation, why are you economical with the truth, when it comes to Africa, blacks and Biafrans issues?

Finally, for IGBO Biafrans, be mindful of the type of news and information you receive from the so-called “BBC IGBO”. For the IGBO Biafrans working with BBC IGBO platform, you should identify with the truth and report it accurately.
In Biafra we stand.

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