By Chidi Aloysius Nwosu (Abia Writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
2019 is around the corner; the politicians in Nigeria are again preparing for the calamity called elections. Sometimes one wonders the type of government Nigerians have and the type of people Nigerians are, the clergy, the politicians and the banks are all involved in the crime that comes with politics in Nigeria:

The clergy know that Nigerians are very religious, they use religion as a tool to fool their followers. Imagine pastors and reverend fathers being used by politicians to campaign for the upcoming elections- telling their church members to go get registered and obtain permanent voters’ card when they know that previous elections never yielded a single dividend for the masses but served as a channel to enslave the people more.

What the clergy do is to collect money from the Nigerian government and politicians, only to compel their members to do the biddings of the politicians. Biafrans have decided not participate in any Nigerian organized elections. After realizing that Biafrans mean what they said have resorted to using priests and pastors to get their followers.

The preaching now in many churches is, go get registered and obtain voters’ card.  They know very well that these dubious politicians need these voters’ cards to rig the election. Churches are now used as campaigning ground for politicians. They don't preach the gospel anymore but use the church as a business centre, a campaign ground and political media house to tell people to, “ go and get registered for voting and obtain permanent voters’ card”, and any who refuses to obey them will be sanctioned.

The trend in the church, now, is the introduction of a certain form from Islamic Bank telling the members to get loans at zero interest or nonrefundable, the loans range from five hundred thousand to ten million Naira.

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