Uniformed men in a layman understanding simply means collective people whom out of their profession dress to be addressed, they dress in a uniformed manner such that whenever and wherever you meet them you will need nobody to tell you whom they are because they are easily identified through their dressing code.

In Nigeria whenever one hears of uniformed men, the first thing to occur in his/her mind are the security operatives because these are those regarded in great extent as the uniformed men in the contraption, it does not imply that they are no other profession in Nigeria that have  a specific dressing code they are known and recognized for but due to the unhidden characteristics of the security operatives that is why they are associated with the attribute of uniformed men.

These security operatives ranging from the Nigeria army, Nigeria police, Nigeria navy, Nigeria air force, Nigeria civil defence, immigration, custom, prison warders, drug law enforcement agency, DSS, SARs, Road safety corps otherwise known as the uniformed men have a similar work with each other and operations they execute in the society. Having come to the knowledge of who the security men in Nigeria are, there is a great need to examine what is really their assignment as well as how far they have gone in executing it to the benefit of the entire society, both men women youths and adult.

Security operatives have a numerous task to perform in making sure that the day to day activities of the society and government are properly done; its primary responsibilities include protecting lives and property of the citizens, correction and enforcement of law through the directives of the agency concerned such as law court. The security operatives ought to protect the interest of the people who are presently under their jurisdiction.

This is how every other security operatives in other countries of the world operates even in some Africa countries but here in the evil contraption called Nigeria the case is totally different, the Nigeria security operatives instead of performing these basics of their primary responsibilities they will rather choose to oppress and extort money from the people especially the motorists applying different roads in Biafra land.

The security operatives ought to be the best friends of the people but here in Nigeria the case is quite different because those whose one of the responsibility is to protect you turn to molest and harass you, in Nigeria it is said that police is your friend but nobody will ever accept it is true due to their nature of operation towards the masses,  people will see those who supposed to guard them and they will start running because of the high level of oppression and affiliation meted on them by these set of people.

In Nigeria the moment a man wore a uniform and probably was assigned arms, he began to feel the whole world is resting on his shoulder perhaps if heaven is to fall he will carry it on top of his head, the men of the Nigeria civil defence before they were assigned to use sophisticated weapons; they base on guiding the citizens on the rightful altitude to take, they were truly friendly to the people help to control traffic but the moment guns and bullets were approved and assigned to them, they started inflicting mayhem on the people, extorting money from the motorists especially the truck drivers.

The activities of the Nigeria security operatives has indeed gone out of hand and it is high time something tangible is done about it to curb their illegal act on the innocent citizens, people will get killed at any moment and nobody cares, somebody will be sent to jail or even maltreated at any given point in time but no one cares, just on the 16 of February, 2018 Eya Emmanuel an eighteen year old boy was beaten by six Nigeria prison warders led by Eneh E. Eneh at Ngwo Enugu state till he collapsed and was hospitalized for almost a week because an old woman pleaded he pluck mango fruits situated around their proposed site in the same Ngwo.

People can be arrested and incarcerated by the Nigeria security operatives especially the police and the special anti-robbery squad (SAR) and if you do not have anybody to intercede on your behalf with money or come to your rescue, you will probably stay there till the end of your life even when you committed no crime.

To make matters worse are the Nigeria Bar Association those in the judiciary who keep people in the prison in the name of awaiting trail and continuous adjournment of court cases as well as injustice and corruption in the judiciary, it is said that the law court is the last hope of a common man but here in Nigeria the case is totally different,  those who get judicial favour in Nigeria are the corrupt politicians who stole money in billions and business tycoon who bribe them with money, while those who are poor and regarded as third class citizens once they have issues that took them to court he or she will rot in jail because justice will never be granted, they are thousands of people whose case file have never been opened since they were sent to the prison custody for years and you can verify this in different prison yards across Nigeria.

Research has proved that the most vulnerable and victims of this inhuman treatment and injustice are the Biafra populace, visit the northern part of Nigeria you will drive hundreds of kilometres and you will not come across any police man standing and extorting money from the motorists but in Biafra land every kilometres are mounted with either the men of the Nigeria police, men of the Nigeria army, SARS extorting N100 and N50 denominations, Civil defence corps and road safety extorting N200 from every car applying the road especially the business buses, in north the base of Hausa Fulani who claim the ownership of Nigeria the police and other security operatives maintain peace and orderliness, no one is being arrested illegally not to talk of being sent to jail but in Biafra land the reverse is the case.

The governors and government of the southeast in Biafra land makes little or no effort to address this barbaric evil unleashed on their innocent citizens, instead they increase the flame of the burning fire by creating more unnecessary uniformed men who move street to street junction to junction doing the same illegal business of extorting money from people and the motorists, if you go to Enugu Ebonyi Abia Imo and Anambra States respectively they are abound such as MOT in Enugu and the rest of them who are doing nothing but to do the work of their masters who are in power, the  ambassadors of poverty whose mouths are at home and anus abroad.

These and many more are the reasons why Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the supreme leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide vowed to fight and never to relent till Biafra is totally restored as an independent nation from the evil contraption called Nigeria and the international communities the United Nations United State European Union Africa Union and lovers of freedom all over the world have no option than to support Biafra referendum because that is the only thing that will bring remedy to the impending doom in Nigeria.

Written by:
Ogeh Friday Igiri

For: Ebonyi State Media.
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