Before Nnamdi kanu announced his public arrival to Nigeria when he was in the UK, Some gullible myopic thinkers poignantly claimed that he cannot come home while he has been coming to Nigeria before he was apprehended in the year 2015.

Historically, the Catalonia president ran away to Belgium and seek Asylum knowing quite well that it's crystal clear that he who fights and runaway Will fight another day with an indelible link and impeccable characters of knowledge and power.

John Garand of south Sudan took his refugee in Uganda and fought for their independence, he suffered in hidden before he got their victory for humanity.

Asaias Afwerki of Eritrea ran away from Ethiopia to Sudan, Nnamdi kanu is fortunate to live in the same methodology to cripple Nigeria and give us our freedom due to how Nigeria is being structured! 

Many leaders who have fought enormously and successfully always seek refuge in a trusted country and carry out their plans, Nelson Mandela for instance! People of Biafra! You must come out and support what we are doing than sitting on the fence asking where is Nnamdi kanu, men born for freedom are naturally and spiritually alert, God bless Biafra million Times. 

Publisher: Prince Richmond C. Amadi 

By Will Smith Livingstone For Umuchiukwu Writers.
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