Author: Ebube Edochiem
Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ Jan 24, 2018
Tyranny has been epitomized in the general systems accommodated by the Nigerian government. Dictatorship has taken the long pace, it's route is unimaginable. This same attitude has given room to incessant killings, unnecessary marginalization of the Indigenous people resulting in the tragedic let down of the rule of law and it's principles. It is literally known that the nation's laws are one amongst her pride and justifications; Nigeria has said and acted the opposite because even the leaders are jeopardies at the sight of their allegiances. Where in the world can a competent court of jurisdiction give an order to release a non-convicted person according to the constitution of the country and the president flouted the court order, never to obey the court orders? You can imagine the commission of this very assimilated acts of tyranny. The president’s tyranny is a big blow to Democracy and Africa in totality. The foolishness of Laurent Gbagbo of Ivory Coast who forcefully imposed the seat of the presidency on himself is a case study; a traumatic situation that led to his downfall. In Nigeria, there is nothing like the rule of law, I believe if such is existing, Benjamin Madubugwu, Chidiebere Onwudiwe, David Nwawuisi, Bright Chimezie and so many others wouldn't be in the prisons even though there are no evidence-based to approve of any crime they committed. Those as mentioned above were arrested by the Nigeria DSS since 2015, they were kept in prison incommunicado since then till date. Subsequent court rulings have not been able to convict them of any crime. Despite being granted bail in law courts on several occasions, yet the tyrants in Aso-Rock denied them their freedom. Benjamin Madubugwu health status had been in deteriorating conditions since 2016, yet the tyrannical auspices of the government would not let them be. They are now being tortured inside the prison custody across the country without any crime committed. Muhammadu Buhari is now following Gbagbo's footsteps, he had himself shot on the leg after sending troops to the home of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra Mazi Nnamdi Kanu under the guise of operation python dance II. Tyrannical leadership affected Africans a lot, The story of Paul Biya of Cameroon is an example, no English speaking side will side or defend Cameron against the revolutionary state of Ambazonia except his Muslim Brotherhood and France their Colonial masters.
On a serious note, I want to agree with President Donald Trump's insinuations that Africa needs to be recolonized. Reasons are not farfetched. The leaders and the led in Africa are so unreasonable. The continent of Africa is in a big mess with the presence of uneducated tyrants like Buhari.
Almost four years now since Buhari was sworn in as the president of this British contraption called Nigeria, he has been waging war against the Biafra state, as long as he can't defeat them he Conspired with our kleptomaniac leaders and labeled us terrorist just to kick us off from the surface of the earth. Without minding, I will explain better
A stitch in time saves nine. The humanitarian agencies located in different parts of the world must rise up to their responsibilities. There are so many injustices going on in Nigeria, and it has become cultured because the Nigerian government has been given prefilled gestures to do whatever they like. Humanity must condemn evils because what goes up must inevitably come down. The high profile of Nigeria in human rights violation is beyond comprehension; an end to such will raise Africa's integrity.
Edited By Ugochinyere Onyechere For Umuchiukwu Writers.
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