Author: Onwe Ozioma
Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ

■ Jan 24, 2018

Anyone who puts his hand on the plow and looks back is unfit for the kingdom.The struggle for the restoration of the sovereign State of Biafra has gotten to the level of no return and any patriotic furthermore ardent individual who decides to abdicate is not worthy of the kingdom. The early everyone is cognizant of this the better for such individual. It is an established truth that achieving anything meritorious or excellent, it must be made an essential constituent of one's arsenal. It is one thing to plan (he who fails to prepare is a failure schemer).Yet it is another thing to start for many a man had put together impressive plans which has not gotten the breath of life. But it is most important to finish what has begun because it will arguably amount to a near waste of energy and time, if one plan, starts but fails to accomplish. In fact, when it is a matter of life and death, every door to failure must be shut.The struggle for freedom of the people of Biafra has proven to be a matter of getting it or leave the earth.This makes it a battle which the performing warriors cannot afford to lose.They must burn all bridges.Good enough, it is heartwarming, to see that the players are prosecuting the battle as such and they must not by any means push on such a resolution, else the consequences may be more fatal than they ever foresaw.
A close look at the Biafra restoration project(an enormous one indeed), will reveal that the executors really did an excellent job in their planning. They must have had the full backing of the master planner. The human factor though not entirely off the stage, still it is most fare to appreciate the intellect of the project frontiers. From the education stage up until now that civil disobedience is the tool, it has been so masterfully arranged that the oppressors have always been caught in every trap set for them. Worthy of mention as well as the level of determination to achieve the set goal which all who have been sincerely involved in the struggle has demonstrated. In spite of the torture, incarceration, and all forms of degrading treatments meted out to them including murder, they have remained unshakably resolute. Undoubtedly, it is only those who have got their goal correctly defined that can display such determination to achieve a set goal. Nothing else can be more propelling. It is therefore advisable that consistency is held on to, as those on the other side of the silent war appear to be as hell-bent.
The Nigerian government, always enjoying the full backing of its rich and powerful allies, will stop at nothing to ensure that the country which is no better than an expired drug continues to exist as it is, to the detriment of the masses but to the unending benefit of the microscopic few. This goes a long way to tell you about the Biafra dream to materialize, Biafrans must stand their ground. The prescription of IPOB, the proven most reliable vehicle bringing the long-awaited freedom has given many the insinuation that the struggle has finally been crippled. Some are confused as to where the next conflagration will erupt from. The invasion of IPOB, leader's home, and his consequent disappearance has done no less in making the path more crooked. The judiciary, the media, the herdsmen and anything the government can lay hold of have been used and will continually be used to frustrate the efforts of IPOB because Nigeria and her cohorts will never let Biafra be. It is a by-product of oppression and can only leave on it.
However, the good news is that the kind of freedom we seek is not given but taken. There exists only one man that can keep a determined man from his destination and that is the man of determination himself. Only Biafrans can stop Biafra. No other person or group can, and this is the mind that must be in every freedom fighter anywhere in the world. True is it,'where there is a will, there is a way.' Anything thought of, desired and adequately mixed with active faith and determination is as good as accomplished so long as persistence is given its place. In essence, what the Biafra freedom fighters need most in the face of innumerable obstacles, is to keep pushing. We must drive until that something we desire happens. No one can stop Biafra but ourselves, and we can only stop Biafra by stopping to PUSH. Like a woman at the climax of the pain of childbearing.Biafrans PUSH, the joy will surely outwear and outweigh the pains.
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