By Jerry Nwokedimma
For Biafra Choice Writers

Biafrans can now decidedly stay at home today, November 18, and not venture out to honour the fraud called Anambra election, which is actually a war in disguise declared against them by Nigeria. It should be obvious to the people that what is unfolding cannot be an election but war.
A supposed election where you have “26,000 Armed Policemen/Counter Terrorism; 10,000 Armed Soldiers; 5,000 Armed Naval Officers; and 3,000 Armed Airforce Officers, cannot be called an election. It can only be called a war.
It was also reported that 11,000 Armed Civil Defence Corps members are deployed; 3,000 Trained Dogs; 100 War Gunboats; and 15 Armour Personal Carrier (APC); as well as War helicopters. If this is not war, then tell me what is.
With the unfolding information that the Army will bomb strategic polling stations to prove that IPOB is violent, Biafrans must now decidedly stay away from that election. As a matter of fact, the bombing was reported to have started last yesterday. Why then will any sane Biafran want to step out of his house to face the danger of being killed by those who were supposedly being paid to protect them?
It is on record that since Nigerian government wanted to hoodwink the world by declaring Biafrans as terrorist so that they can murder as many without question, and since the world refused to accept that tag, they have been doing everything possible to justify it. The latest is the plan to bomb locations and use it as justification for the terrorist tag.
For this reason, and many others, Biafrans should just stay in their homes until this evil wind passes. Even to think that past deceptions floated as elections, which the Fulani hegemony always use to recruit their stooges in Biafraland, should make Biafrans reject Nigeria and all its evil works.
Biafrans, use this so-called election to show the world that you are no longer interested in Nigeria or anything associated with it. Stay at home, boycott the election, and let the world take a stand behind you!

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