Jerry Nwokedimma
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One never knew Cable News Network (CNN), the self-styled news-leader, was aware of the Biafra independence struggle from Nigeria (Biafrexit). The CNN had never reported any of Biafrans’ numerous travails in the hands of Nigerian government and its murderous, terrorist Army; as well as Police, Navy, and Airforce.
Right now, reports emanating from Biafraland since yesterday, November 17, Nigerian Army, Police and others have been throwing bombs all over Anambra State; then turning around to arrest and brutalize innocent Biafrans who were going about their normal legitimate businesses. Up till this morning, the Election Day for Anambra Governorship election, CNN has not reported anything.
Why is CNN like this? Since 2015, the unarmed, peaceful, and nonviolent Biafrans have been detained, tortured and killed by the Nigerian government, and yet CNN had never for once reported it. Even when on the day of Donald Trump’s swearing-in ceremony as the United States of America (USA) President, when young Biafrans rallied in his support, scores of them were killed, while others were brutalized and tortured by Nigerian Army, Police, Navy and Airforce, CNN reported nothing.
Even the abduction of Nnamdi Kanu, the Biafran leader (whose whereabouts is currently unknown) after the Nigerian Army stormed his father’s house on November 14, with nothing less than 28 people shot and killed; even with the brutality meted out to unarmed Biafran youths on and around that November 14 in Abia State and beyond, all CNN platforms blacked the incident.

It was therefore a surprise that few days ago, that when the fake news broke few days ago of some unknown individuals sacking the Biafran leader, CNN suddenly woke from its slumber and went to town with the fake news. Does it mean Donald Trump was right when he listed CNN as part of the fake news media that was growing in leaps and bounds all over the world?

Who is CNN working for? Where is their report on the current atrocities of Nigerian government against peaceful and unarmed Biafrans?
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