Friday 17 November 2017

Biafra: Boycott the Anambra Election

To any sensible observer, the November 18th Anambra gubernatorial election is highly pivotal both to the Biafrans and the Nigerian government. To Biafrans, boycotting of the upcoming election slated 18th Nov 2017 in Anambra it's a task that must be accomplished . the boycotting of  election is of  utmost importance to people of Biafra but, the Nigerian government is hellbent in making sure the election is not boycotted .

It is an injustice and inequality on the side of  Nigeria government if the Eastern Region which produces and generates over 85% of Nigeria's revenue will be allotted less than 40% out of  the  85% generated revenue .
 and it is very disappointing seeing the so called leaders in the South  keeping mute in the midst of this injustice and inequality from Nigeria Government.

This is what Mazi Nnamdi Kanu  saw and said Nigeria is irredeemable, hence, his unflinching agitation for Biafra .

The Northern Region have made it clear that they aren't going to give away their undeserved enormous advantages in Nigeria; an advantage that has marred development in the country
They have refused, condemned, and fought aggressively  against every inch of process that may lead to actual restructuring of Nigeria yet, they can't provide an alternative structure that will propel  development in the country .

This is what they see , a Nigeria solely owned by the North, that must service the interest of the North, that must be dominated by the Northerners alone, anything contrary to this is a gross flouting of their "Fundamental Rights," (the born to rule right).

So, when the North through the federal government vigorously fought against Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who was already changing the status quo, the gullible minds and the very uninformed ones who misconstrue why Biafrans were targeted, they simply jumped into the propaganda that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was an agent of "Hate and Division."
Unfortunately, the whole of the East will continue to suffer the injustices.

Malam El rufai the northern Almajiri should tell president Mohammadu Buhari to dump his core ideology of 97% Vs 5% before talking about restructuring with Igbo's . Imagine president Mohammadu Buhari saying there are no funds for eastern railway lines, but the same President Mohammadu Buhari, in his sick bed approved $26bn contract awarded by NNPC for his northern kinsmen hence, there can never be equality in Nigeria, with the constant breeding of nepotistic ideology especially in the distribution of federal resources, religious bigotry and tribal favoritism in civil service recruitment, political and sentimental witch hunt in corruption fight after all these,  you want us to believe in one messy Nigeria.,
Among this and many other reasons are why we are insisting on boycotting the election on the 18th of November 2017.

Risk your life for politicians that has kept his children somewhere far from Africa at your own peril .
If you are mistakenly hit by bullet on the election day, the politicians won't attend your burial, your good friends will only type "rest in peace" on your Facebook wall, at the end of 2017, you become a history .
I have asked this question several times, why are the  Nigerian politicians don't allow their children to participate in voting exercise?

No Election until Referendum is achieved and conducted.
Stray bullet has no mercy be wise, their children are in UK, America, and other European countries.,be wise .

The Police, Civil defense,  Immigration service, Custom, DSS, Mopol, Navy,  Air force, Military, mobile police and the SARS are all in Anambra state, waiting to unleash mayhem on innocent people on the election day.

18th of November 2017 will always be remembered in history .


Written By Okoronkwo Chiukwu Iheke.

Edited By Lucky Chibundu.

For Umuchiukwu writers .
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