By Jerry Nwokedimma
For Biafra Choice Writers

Is it not amazing to hear people, who bear Biafra names, claim that Biafrans would be the ones to lose if the forthcoming Anambra election is boycotted? They argue that Nizooria (Nigeria) would have nothing to lose.
Meanwhile, it is Nigerian government, its agents and agencies (knowing the full implications) that are working round the clock to degrade the planned boycott (sit-at-home) order from Biafra high command. If boycott would favour them, why then are they mustering everything at their disposal; and expending so much energy, time and money to degrade it? As we write, they are going about abducting Biafrans with every flimsy excuses they could find, torturing and murdering them at every given opportunity.
They are bribing ungodly men of God who in turn are deceiving the people. Many of them are seen to have started sharing the money to their congregations, giving out voters cards to them, and teaching them what party symbol to vote against.
As the campaigns hot up in many parts of Anambra State, they are afraid and have upped the tempo of terrorizing Biafrans; abducting many in a bid to frighten them away. They go to newspaper stands to beat up vendors selling Biafran publications, as well as Biafrans chatting on Biafra issues generated by the news stories. They have abducted many Biafrans and are torturing them in their many detention centres in Biafraland and elsewhere. Shamefully, in spite of all these, those Biafrans still have not guessed that they (Nigerian government) knew what the full weight of a successful boycott would mean for them.
Biafran singers, who have been promoting the no-election campaign with their songs are being chased around Biafraland, abducted, threatened, and tortured. A good example is Don Prince, who was abducted by a cousin. They offered him bribe after torturing him, but he rejected it. They threatened him with guns, he refused to budge and they beat him more and left him for dead. But he recovered.
After the successful boycott of Enugu State Local Government elections, their fears have heightened, they are now very afraid of the big one, the Anambra State election coming up this November 18. Sensing the danger to their accursed one-Nigeria, they have upped the tempo of their repressive acts. The most recent of that act was the bombing at Coal Camp in Enugu, where the Police where seen to have camped throughout the night before the election (when most probably must have planted the bomb).
They did not stop there. They went ahead to apprehend two hardworking Biafran journalists accusing them of being responsible for the bombing. They wanted to use the Biafrans to justify their lie (and wicked tag) that Biafrans are terrorists. But they have come unstuck already.
They have just seen that the terrorist tag could not stick because Biafran media all over the world are exposing them, and they have gone wild trying to close more than 21 websites that were favorable to the Biafran struggle. But Biafrans are just laughing at them. Let them do that and see the struggle taken to a new height, the way it had been with their other actions in the past.

They have abducted men and women of Biafra who they claimed were producing Biafra materials and publications, and yet some Biafrans still doubt the potency of the Sit-at-home that would soon hit them as thunder. But come November 18, it will be a case of “come and see Biafra wonder”. The whole world is invited to come and observe.
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