Monday 13 November 2017

Biafra: (Poem) When? The Cry From A Broken Soul..

When will my tear drops seize to fall?

When will our hearts seize to bleed?

When will our dreams and heart desires begin to glow?

When will our face begin to brighten with smiles?

When will the air get filled with our laughter?

When will we ever sit or lie under the shade and watch our children playing and having the time they deserve?

When will we ever walk the streets of our fathers without any fear of intimidation?

When will we ever get treated as citizens of our MOTHERLAND?

When will we watch our cities and remember when it has once been a mess?

When will we ever have our tears wiped by this ever loving motherland?

I've been deprived of sight all my life, never seen what beauty looks like..

I've been robbed of hearing too, never ever heard the truth from the government's mouthpiece before..

Happiness also has ruthlessly been snatched away from me. I know no happiness, all I ever feel is pains within and without...

I got no place to call my own..

The motherland I inherited from my fathers have been taken away from me by the enemies and given to dogs...

The abundant blessings deposited under our land seems to have been turned to a curse under our dear blessed land..

I have no control over my destiny...

My future I know not, my past a nightmare...

I know no sleep ever since I was born. Cos all I seem to ever inherit from my fathers is pains, humiliation, sufferings, and serving people who are not even good enough to be our servants...

Oh dear Lord when will u restore our inheritance?

When will u restore smiles on our faces?

When will u spill and litter happiness and shouts of joy on our streets?

When will you place on our table the glorious dreams of our wonderland we've long had in our hearts?

When will you save your own inheritance the house of Israel (Biafra)

When will you restore our lost glory?

When will you restore Biafra?

Written By: Chimaobim Samuel Nnanna

For Umuchiukwu Writers.

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