Friday 16 November 2017

Biafra: Terrorists Don't Vote; You Can't Eat Your Cake And Still Have It

There is a time and season for everything under heaven and earth.
From the time of Lugard till this time, there never has being  and can never be any achievement or gain from Nigeria government to Biafrans , unless the restoration of the Biafra nation becomes a reality.
Biafran restoration is designed to haIt oppression, intimidation, and corruption that Biafrans have been subjected to.

It has even reached a climax where it is to be the aim and objectives of Nigeria government in killing and maiming the innocent Biafrans found registering their displeasure over the Nigeria government at different locations.
Thus, they have arrived with another kind of blunt pointed surgical instruments at this period of gubernatorial  election to eliminate Biafrans with biological weapons been poisoned to be used as voting ink, posed with the eagerness to kill or destroy man's spermatozoa or a woman's fertility including human kidneys.

Consequently ,  bear it in mind that once your finger comes in contact with the ink , be assured that you have already being contaminated with the poison. Therefore, Don't go out on 18th, talk more of going closer to the voting polling centre to avoid had I know.

In the same vein, It is mandatory that you should in solidarity regard yourself with respect and kindly enjoy OFE NSALA.
Be at your home, endeavour to consider yourself worthy of esteem, regard yourself with honor.

 these past years elections have never been in our favour and cannot now, that is, have we at least gained nor achieved anything good except for the continuous killing and destroying of lives and properties of  Biafrans ?

Therefore, It is time to mourn for our late brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers that were been victims of the wickedness of the Hausa /fulani government. We are not fighting for or with any body, all we seek for is freedom.
despite the Nigeria government proscribing us and tagged us terrorist and yet expect us to vote, then I ask "can terrorists or a proscribed entity vote? No, it's impossible and can never be possible.

We are putting the whole world on notice that Nigeria government are always eager to destroy, to ruin the lives of innocent and armless Biafrans . It is on record that the Nigeria government has invaded Biafra land with the a disturbing number of Armies, War Gunboats, Armed Policemen ,War aerial helicopters, Armed Civil Defence Corps, Armed Soldiers, Armed Naval Officers, Armed Airforce Officers,
They're parading and holding major military exercises, I am however compelled to ask , is this a preparation for war or election ? This is a question begging for an honest answer . All we seek is the Restoration of the Biafra nation.

It is Biafra Restoration that remains the only solution, give us Biafra or give us death,
Biafra is our only hope.
No election in Biafra land,
Sit at home come Saturday 18th,
Give us date for referendum,
Free Biafrans,
Free Nnamdi Kanu &Co.



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