By   Onwe Ozioma, Ikenna Ozulumba Mbaegbu [Editor]     Date: 09/10/2017

With regards to the May 30th, 2017 sit at home, in contributing to achieving the purpose of that declaration, I had written a piece with the same caption as above. In the same vein, as the November 18th gubernatorial election in Anambra state approaches, I wish to remind Biafrans in general and Anambrarians in particular of this all-important simple but powerful role which is very much within the reach of every Tom, Dick, and Harry. 

The struggle for the Restoration of Biafra has been on since the days of our fathers. Many people, both young and old have positively contributed their own quota, to the best of their abilities towards this quest.

Contrariwise, as it is evident in the south-east governors, the self-imposed Ohaneze Ndi Igbo, hypocritical agitators who are but opportunists and all the so-called big fishes in Biafra land and beyond, some have seized the opportunity to milk the people dry. But the big question is 'what have you, I mean you as a person, especially as a true Biafran brought to the table to help quicken the arrival of this long-awaited freedom? 

Going down memory lane will reveal the ordeal our fore-runners in this struggle have passed through, Starting from the invasion of our land by the British, down to the civil war. Our parents from whom we inherited the natural love for freedom and its attendant hate for slavery have had to suffer all forms of human degrading treatments as rape, discrimination, and starvation to mention but a few. The civil war marked the zenith of these organized cruelties. 

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But the melancholy aspect of it is that the world had kept silent over these crimes against humanity. They had sat and watched Britain and her partners in crime use her puppets, the Hausa – Fulani people, and the Yorubas to slaughter, and starve even Biafran children to death in their millions. In fact, from all indications, the intention of these enemies was and I fear is still to exterminate the entire Biafran race and send this God’s own nation to oblivion. They meant nothing but genocide. If not for the intervention of Eze Chiukwu Okike Abiama (Almighty God), we would have been an extinct race by now. All praise to Him.

According to an Igbo adage, ‘A traveler who has not arrived his destination never grows weary.” True to this, Biafrans at different levels have in the past defied every odd to keep Biafra agitation alive. Many of them such as General Nzogwu, Chuba Okadigbo, even Bruce Mayrock, though not a Biafran paid the ultimate prize with his own life. Not forgetting the innocent kids who died of hunger. Those who were lucky to survive the war like the Ikemba Nnewi (Odumegwu Ojukwu) lived to suffer rejection and deprivation of their rights. 

Of recent many people have been killed and maimed by the Nigerian forces. Biafrans like you and I were massacred at Nkpo, Igweocha, Asaba and so many other places. Some are presently locked up in so many detention facilities across the suburb of hell called Nigeria as well as in Biafraland. 

The Supreme leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu had to spend two years in the Nigerian prison and currently can't enjoy his fundamental rights as his ‘stringent’ bail conditions entail. His home is now a place for pillagers. The Nigerian army has made it desolate just because he is demanding for the freedom of his own people. 

But will the cabals and their co-perpetrators (Britain) who are controlling the affairs of this contraption called Nigeria ever understand that Biafra is an ‘Ideology’ that can never be killed? In pursuit of this divine dream (Biafra), many Biafrans both at home and in the diaspora have given up their sleep to write, edit and publish articles to inform the world of our plights. Others, contribute their own quota by giving out their hard earned money to make sure that Radio Biafra London is continually broadcasting. We are all cogs in a big machine. Nothing stops Biafra! 

Though, many people may have lost their lives in this struggle for Biafra Independence; those persons really do not deserve such horrible death. Many may have also lost their valuable properties in the quest to restore Biafra, and so on and so forth. But all these collective efforts are being put forward to restore our dignity because it is an honorable thing to do. Our nation Biafra comes first. To save our posterity from slavery is the priority here. At this juncture, my question comes again. WHAT ROLE HAVE YOU PLAYED IN THE STRUGGLE FOR THE RESTORATION OF BIAFRA?

The proverbial lamb says, ‘that whenever the dance group comes to perform in its father’s compound if it cannot dance, it will at least be jumping to the tune.’ As highlighted above, people have been performing the freedom dance from the last generation and even now and there is a jumping you will have to join in doing since you can't dance. You cannot come out to protest for fear of being shot! Fine. You cannot write for want of time or ability! Fine. You cannot contribute money because you don't have! Fine. You cannot speak out in public in favor of Biafra for fear of being arrested and detained! Alright. But can you please stay at home on November 18th.  

The 18th day of November 2017 is a day ‘Providence’ had predestined for us in our quest to achieve Biafra. It is an opportunity we cannot afford to miss. It is a day we must take our destiny into our hands, a day we must unequivocally tell the entire world that we reject Nigeria and all that has to do with it. Do we really want Biafra restored? On that day our affirmation must come alive. We must on no account participate in that election. It is a total boycott. We must not make nonsense the efforts of the people who have given and are still giving their all to save our future from the claws of extremely wicked men. 

The Anambra gubernatorial election holds on that very day. The tension is building up. Our unrepentant internal enemies are now busy perfecting and executing their plans to perpetually keep us in servitude. They are out there in different platforms and media, telling you to come out and vote. They have also entered our churches and now using our clergymen to spread this evil message. They may promise you heaven on earth just to lure you into voting them back to power again. Please, do not accept! For once, fight for your own future and the future of your unborn children.  The seasonal blood money is now in full circulation. It is out to buy your conscience. It is pumped out once in every four years to service our slavery and renovate the prison they have condemned us to. Reject them all to restore your dignity!

The greatest teacher once asked, ‘What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and lose his soul?’. In this case, what will it profit you if you get far less than one-hundredth(100th) of what is actually yours and lose your freedom and that of your posterity? What sense is in taking a half bag of rice plus perhaps five thousand Naira and give a murderer the go-ahead order to massacre you and your people. 

This executioner called Willie Obiano once again is clamoring for another tenure in office so as to continue to kill Biafrans. So I ask the great people of (ndi) Anambra, will you give your support to a man who has slaughtered and maimed your kinsmen? Do not forget the Nkpor massacre and the likes. Obiano is as bad as every other candidate in that election. We must not participate in it. 

For our safety, the leadership of IPOB has instructed everyone to remain indoors on that day. The devil will surely be roaring like lions that day looking for whom to devour. Do not fall a victim. Do not even go about your normal businesses that day for it is very unsafe to do so. The instruction is simple. It is, STAY AT HOME ON THE 18TH OF NOVEMBER, 2017. You may choose to prepare ‘Nsala Soup' and have fun with your families in your homes, that will make you more Biafrans!

Finally, brethren, the level of information distortion in the land is very alarming. Indeed, the greatest weapon of our enemies has always been a superbly concentrated acidic fallacy. That is why IPOB came with the required alkaline: the basic truth to neutralize them all. Currently lies are flying around the state that IPOB has endorsed the election. The media that should protect and speak the truth to the masses are easy tools in the hands of the politicians. They misinform the populace, telling them to vote. In the face of such confusion, what is expected of you as a rightly informed Biafran and lover of freedom? You are expected to be a crusader of the truth. Take the truth to the grassroots. Let our old men and women who cannot access the social Media know the truth by every other means possible since the foes own a larger part of the airwaves. I was so glad when I had a pastor in a bus blending his gospel with the Biafran good news. He should be emulated. Let us cease every opportunity to give our people especially eligible voters in Anambra the right information. 

God bless Biafra with enviable freedom!

Publisher: Prince Richmond C. Amadi
For Umuchiukwu Writers
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