Nnamdi Kanu has no means of livelihood, says Terrorist Nigerian Army.
The Nigerian army is slowly but surely taking over the ministry of disinformation in Nigeria.
Following the raid at the house of the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra, (IPOB) Mazi Nnamdi kanu in Afara Ukwu Ibeku, Umuahia that left at least 30 Biafrans dead and over 50 Biafra Indigenes injured which happened on the 14th day of September 2017. The Nigerian military still under the disguise of the "Operation Python Dance II" has continued its program of taking control of everything in the Eastern region of the Nigeria.

The Nigerian Army after stealing money, cars and other properties from Nnamdi Kanu's compound, is now telling us he has no occupation.
Can anyone tell the whole world the occupation of the COAS of Nigeria "The Terrorist General, Gen. Tukai Buratai, apart from his meager military salary job? So, how did he acquire two mansions in Dubai worth over #150m?
Some illiterate zombies will still defend the Terrorist COAS of Nigeria to say "Buratai the kunu sipping kleptomaniac Nigerian Army chief" is receiving #1m as monthly salary for his devilish position as the "Chief Terrorist of the Nigeria Army."
How many years has Tukai Brutai been COAS to save 150m naira? Since 2015 he has been the Chief Of Army Staff COAS, assuming he is been paid #1m monthly till date, it will only amount to #24m, So where did he steal the remaining 126m to buy Dubai houses as far back as 4 years ago?

 Explain us the occupation of the 23 year old Mr Mohammadu Buhari's daughter (Zahara Buhari, who is schooling in the United Kingdom despite Buhari's claims that he has only #1m prior to the 2015 general election) is going to wear over #300.000 earrings and what is also the occupation wife of the "miserable vegetable London clone" called Jubrin, does to carry a #40m handbag.

However, the truth is that the Nigeria army is as confused as the presidency, they have suddenly realized that the python dance has caused them more damage than good, they are now perambulating up and down on Biafra land and on Nnamdi Kanu's issue.
Their eyes are beginning to clearly open to how they have been defeated again, but the fact that they underrated Nnamdi kanu on the first instance has proved to be costlier than they had expected. They were underrating him and wanted to intimate him too. I have said this before and I want to say it again, you can never compare the ideology of Biafra with that of a Hausa/Fulani man. The Biafra man will always come top. You can always hate us, but that is your problem.

Consequently, just to make a case to cover up their evil acts, they hired jobless people to protest at the British embassy because Britain asked them about the whereabouts of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. I don't blame them, rather I blame the SouthEast leaders that are only interested in money to be stolen. The "unsellable" Mazi Nnamdi kanu would have been their hero if he had accepted their money in order to win elections for them with his followers. 

The true fact is that the war is not over. In fact, we are just warming up for the real battle, the same thing the idiotic morons of the apartheid government in South Africa thought when they arrested and detained the great Nelson Mandela and tried to forcefully suppress the ANC. IPOB is alive and strong and more powerful. Biafra can never die. It doesn't matter how long it takes, there will be only one victor in this struggle. The victor will be Biafrans and we will write our own history. Not any convoluted trash by a despicable zoo media animals.
Anyways, I am eagerly waiting for the 17th October, either way, we will see what happens and also know who wins or loses ultimately.

Nnamdi kanu is some unique strategist whichever way one views it. I can see that all his moves were calculated.

If this army spokesperson, "Terrorist Brig. Gen . Sani Usman" is part of the Intel forces of Nigeria, I can only laugh because Nnamdi kanu seems to see light years ahead.
If the Terrorist army spokesperson "Terrorist Brig. Gen . Sani Usman" is a sensible person from a normal country I don't think he would have made the above statement. "Nnamdi Kanu didn't have means of livelihood" because your useless government couldn't provide for him and his people hence the agitation. Jobs in Nigeria are only given to Hausa/Fulani, who are not better academically and then partly Yoruba people and you expect peace in the country? Can there be peace without justice? 

Leader of Indigenous People of Biafra,
IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu
Picture credit: Prince Richmond
Thus, Secret employments everywhere in government establishments are only for Hausa/Fulani by this administration NNPC, NPA, Aviation, Customs and so on and then, they try to justify their injustice by spreading falsehood that the Igbos don't like government jobs but prefer doing business as if Hausa/Fulani and their Yoruba supporters are the ones to tell what Biafrans like and as if the Biafrans were given government jobs and they rejected it in preference for doing business, and when Biafrans agitate, terrorist Mohammadu Buhari uses military to attack Biafrans forgetting that the only difference between the military and the agitators is only "the gun". 
Time will vindicate Biafrans and make us victorious lords over the enemies.

In the same vein, The real agenda behind this, is very clear., parasitic  northern cabals are having a big headache due to the IPOB movement and also they are scared of losing their oil wells, thus they mounted pressure on Eastern regional governors that they are going to declare state of emergency in the whole region if they don't allow federal government to suppress IPOB..,the Eastern governors don't want to lose both power and the wealth they embezzled from their states they obliged, and they joined the federal government to suppress their own people. 
The oil wells are the only things these parasitic Northern morons care about, they are so scared and that is why they are running around looking for oil in their barren lands. Whether you people like it or not you must dance to his music that is playing now.

Summarily, before Nnamdi Kanu was whisked away by the Nigeria Army under the express of the cloned Buhari in Aso Rock, Since IPOB has carried out their rallies in peace and there has not been any way possible to kill them easily without attracting sympathisers. So how can we kill the Biafra dream?

The grand plan makes them a terrorist group. Then the question is how?
The game plan was simple. Declare an operation in the hometown of Nnamdi Kanu,(especially in front of his house) under the guise of testing military equipment, knowing fully well, a lot of IPOB is there.

A confrontation must occur which might result in pockets of fights and conflicts. Provoke them, they will surely retaliate. (perhaps with sticks and bottles) When they retaliate, come back to National TV and declare them terrorists. Then sell this news to gullible Nigerians and warn parents and guardians to scare their wards of them. 
Then use South East governors to proscribe the group. but unfortunately, people couldn't buy the idea.Mission failed. 

All Hail the land of the rising sun Biafra.


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