I notice this tendency amongst Africans and Nigerians in particular to offer solutions to intractable problems without analyzing the problem. Mr. Aghedo is guilty of this crime. His eloquent prescriptions are for the wrong patient. Here is the link to his talk: https://m.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=502819943417199&id=100010675926902

Here are the reasons why he is wrong:
1. Azikiwe acted selfishly. Nigeria or the Igbos were never his constituencies. He used Nigeria to seek Pan-African fame. https://africastallestman.com/2016/08/29/zik-is-africa-and-awo-is-yoruba/

2. Ahmadu Bello put Fulani interest, couched as Northern interest over anything else. Ahmadu Bello in a recorded interview expressed his disgust for the Igbos prior to independence. After independence, debates in the Northern House of Assembly were centered on annihilation of the Igbos https://africastallestman.com/2016/08/18/362/

3. Awo is a core Yoruba tribalist that tried to use minorities in other regions to further his aim of ruling Nigeria. Same Awolowo gave Igbo millionaires £20 for millions they left in Nigerian bank accounts that were verifiable. You conveniently avoided the issue of abandoned property. Why would AREWA Adult Youths enumerate Igbo property in 2017? Igbo property have been confiscated by the Gowon-Awolowo regime. They are planning another genocide and another round of property seizure. https://africastallestman.com/2016/08/29/zik-is-africa-and-awo-is-yoruba/

4. These three actors were not interested in creating a nation but were interested in replacing the white slave masters with local slave masters. Their contemporary, Lee Kuan Yew had a vision for diverse Singapore. Mr. Alexander Aghedo, can you tell us the vision that Awo, Zik, or Bello had for Nigeria as articulated in a speech or book?

5. Islam can never co-exist with Christianity when both religions are dominant. The Muslims will always seek to govern. There is separation of church and state in Christianity but not in Islam. An Islamic feudal system that exists whereby Fulanis are the only Emirs in all of Northern Nigeria and the Fulani Sultan of Sokoto is the PERMANENT HEAD of all Muslims, in Nigeria is incompatible with Christian democratic values. Either we let the Fulanis have their way or they would unleash Boko Haram and Fulani Herdsmen on Nigerians: https://africastallestman.com/2017/06/24/the-dummys-case-for-nigerias-breakup-africastallestman-uac/

6. The 1966 coup had a predominance of Igbos because Igbos were the creme de la creme of the officer corps. Igbos have always been nationalistic. Some observers claim that no one was supposed to be killed unless there was resistance from the politician. Whatever was the case, there were non-Igbo participants in the coup. There is no evidence of Igbos ever meeting and mandating their Army Officers to kill non-Igbo Army Officers. Up till today, the North is still planning mass killing of Igbos out of jealousy. I wish that they would start killing Yorubas. They won’t because Yorubas are Muslims.

7. There are more tribes in Nigeria than America. India has 645 tribes but one dominant “tribal” religion – Hinduism. Since religion is a tribe, India with 80% Hindus has one tribe. Nigeria has 3 major tribes – Christianity ( Democracy), Islam (Feudalism), and Traditional Religion (Superstition). The three do not mix. Most Nigerians are multireligious compounding the picture. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Scheduled_Tribes_in_India


8. One German family saving Jews did not absolve Germans of genocide. The few lucky Igbos saved by the Emir of Katsina were killed on their way back to the East. The Christian Tivs under the influence of the Islamic Fulani hegemony killed Igbos and threw them into the River Benue. Christians killing Christians to please Muslims. Murtala Mohammed and Ibrahim Taiwo are professional soldiers. Yet they killed Igbos because of hatred. Were they influenced by Ahmadu Bello and Awolowo? The same Murtala Mohammed planned the July 29, 1966 coup that killed 300 Igbo officers in one night. If he were alive today, he will still be killing Igbos. Benjamin Adekunle of the 3rd Marine Commandos shot at any moving object in Igbo land. Recently in Onitsha, two Hausa speaking Nigerian soldiers pulverized an Igbo cripple out of hate. Crime: He was wearing a tattered camouflage trousers. Would the Nigerian soldiers force Hausa-Fulanis to drink, drown, die in putrid, disease-infested stagnant water as in “Operation Python Dance II?” This is 50 years after Biafra. Mr. Aghedo, please face reality.

9. Nigeria was a country during colonial times. The Igbos were in commanding positions of the economy, politics, and culture based on merit. The British, despite hating the Igbos for their stubbornness, recruited the best materials available. These happened to be Igbos. The other tribes need to emulate Igbo innovation, industry, and courage. It is not easy to live in the North where an organized mob can kill you at anytime. As soon as Ahmadu Bello took reins of the Federal Government he extended his Igbophobia to the federal level. No nation prospers by not using its best materials.

10. You do not create equality through politics. There are “genes” for farming, trading, hunting, science, cattle rearing, etc. Forcing a farmer to be an itinerant cattle rearer is impossible and vice versa.

11. Successive Nigerian military regimes led by Northern Muslims effectively enthroned Islam as state religion by sponsoring pilgrimages to Mecca and Medina, encoding Sharia in Nigeria’s constitution, inflating the Northern population, and joining the feudal organization – OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation). They succeeded in making the Naira worthless. To the Muslims, Nigeria is an Islamic State created by Othman Dan Fodio. Why is the Islamic Nigerian President aiding and abetting Fulani massacres in Nigeria? Hint: He is Fulani. Why is the same President intent on turning Nigeria into a big grazing reserve fo Fulani cows? You know the answer.

12. Once the oil wells dry in the South South and South East, the North will initiate moves to secede from Nigeria. Currently, Buhari is prospecting for oil in Sokoto and Borno States. The North May secede if the reserves in those areas rival the South or they would rewrite revenue allocation to 50% based on derivation from 13%.

13. The North is busy using Southern resources to develop the North. Have you looked at the infrastructure plan of the Buhari regime. Obviously his government does not see equity in infrastructure as national goals.

14. Is a PhD in the South equivalent to a WASC in the North? The JAMB cutoff marks and differential admission scores for unity schools lend credence to the fact that tribe trumps merit.
15. Umaru Alitine was Mayor of Enugu but Okeke Okafor will never be Mayor of Sokoto despite converting to Islam and going on Hajj four times a year! The Igbos who won elective offices outside Igbo land live in Igbo dominated areas outside Igbo land. Altine is a Muslim Fulani from Sokoto and became Mayor of Christian, Igbo Enugu. Igbos are true Nigerians. Since Nigeria rewards Igbos, with MMM (Maltreatment, Marginalization, and Murder), an exit out of Nigeria is the solution.

16. Truly, no culture is older than human but humans have engaged in carnage, racism, hatism, bigotry, religious discrimination, and genocide. Evidence abound from the Bible to the Quran to Genghis Khan to the Ottomans to World War II to Biafra to Iraq to the Rohingya Muslims.
17. Talk is cheap. Nigeria needs to break up and form a Confederation or 6 or less distinct states to be negotiated amongst the zones.

18. The other solution is to make every Nigerian think and act like Igbos. Igbos live, work, build, and play anywhere in Nigeria. There is no noteworthy real estate owned in Igbo land by a Yoruba or Hausa-Fulani man. Aliko Dangote who made his money by state sponsored monopoly that denied Igbos import licenses does not have any property in Igbo land.

19. You cannot patch a broken piece of China into a new piece of China. Africans are the most primordial of all human races and joining incompatible tribes create conflict. Meanwhile the West watches and reaps riches from the disorganized, chaotic, and usually dictatorial regimes. Who supplies the arms? Did anyone say the West.

Is it a country?
Or a geographic expression?
Or a political gossamer?
Or a word?
All are correct.
Take your pick.

Spun by the British,
Out of 371 tribes, and 371 religions.
Handed to the Hausa-Fulani alliance,
Reward for helping pacify,
Stubborn tribes such as the Igbos.
And to ensure their continued hegemony.

Unity still eludes Nigeria, 57 years after independence,
Despite efforts to emblazon unity,
On every symbol of statehood,
Despite efforts to sing unity at every opportunity.
Nigeria remains fragmented by religion and tribe,
But united by corrupt leadership.

Corruption unites and absolute corruption unites absolutely,
Form an alphabet soup, UAC, PWD, OYU.
Allege corruption and marginalization by current leaders,
Replace them with even more corrupt leadership.
Displaced politicians decamp en masse with millions of followers,
To new ruling alphabet soup and the corruption party continues.

Trailing similarly endowed nations,
In all developmental and economic indexes,
It tops all known corruption indexes,
Published by Transparency International (TI).
First in the hypocrisy index,
Published by Hypocrisy International (HI).

Nigerian corrupt leaders championed TI,
Corruption championing anti-corruption, hypocrisy defined.
Nigerian leaders preach unity and foster disunity,
Through nepotism, tribalism, and religious politics,
Whist building their sinecures,
For themselves, relatives, and sycophants.

Gossamers always unravel,
Peacefully or through conflict.
Nigeria is at a crossroad,
Restructure peacefully or by armed conflict.
Apparently the Fulani masters of the alliance,
Will not give up their misrule without a fight.

Hopefully their White Hall advisers,
Will provide wise counsel and guidance,
Or brace for a flood of refugees.
Making Syria and Afghanistan child’s play.
There will be no Nigerexit.
You created the problem, you solve it.

Publisher:  Prince Richmond C. Amadi

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