BY NGOZI EGORO (Abia Writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
Declaring indigenous people of Biafra as a terrorist group has already been planned by Burutai and Nigerian Army in collaboration with the Eastern States governors and Ohaneze Ndigbo, long before the day it was announced that was the reason behind governor Umahi of Ebonyi State publicly announcing that they have no regret, do not owe anybody an apology. They did it without counting the implications of such declaration including tarnishing their own image and eventually render themselves useless.

Declaring IPOB a terrorist organization is just a way of sealing up their evil and mass murder of IPOB members at Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's house, the worst of its kind on planet earth. If not for the video coverage of the genocide, the Nigerian government and their military would have convinced the world that there was no such incident. The essence of repeating this issue over and over is a result of the military head mute and continuous denial of the killings and brutal extraction of lives, mostly the future generation.

Although it does not matter to some Igbo elites, they should be assured that whatsoever position they are seeking for will be tagged "terrorist position"-including "terrorist governors, terrorist Senators and terrorist ministers". The Northern elders and their governors have by their actions towards Ohaneze Ndigbo shown that the so-called Igbo elders and their elites worth nothing to the Northerners. They are just tools which the northerners use in achieving their plans of perpetual ruling of Nigeria, because they believe it is their country, and therefore have every right to do whatever that pleases them.

The simple option left for the Igbo elites is to reinstate their own country where they will have the rights and privileges to contribute their quota.

Considering the implications of labelling the indigenous people of Biafra a terrorist group, it is high time the Indigenous peoples rise up as men and take the bull by the horn. But in the event where the Igbos, are satisfied with their positions of being dropped after being used by taskmasters will eventually be disappointed. Then you, become like a bat that neither stays in the air nor on land.
But may it be known to all that the world does not recognize IPOB as a terrorist group.
Biafra must be restored.

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