First of all, let me introduce myself.
I am a Biafran. I come from the coastal region of Biafra which some people call Niger Delta. I am IJAW. Nigeria holds my country Biafra right now as her colony and people as business territory.
I am a Biafran activist. I love my Biafra. I used to love Nigeria until I discovered it was all a fraud to strangulate my people economically, religiously and politically.
I discovered that the future of my people is not guaranteed in Nigeria. I discovered that all my land is good for in Nigeria is for exploitation of crude oil not for development and my people are only good to make up the great number of Nigeria's population index not for productive integration.
This inspired my drive for self-determination of my people.
We are blessed with the ability to bless others but with the oppression of the criminal state of Nigeria my people are the worst in the country.
They oppress us to the extent where we have to look for any way available to survive despite the fact that our land feeds them all. They are ingrates I must say. Anytime we shout foul play they are quick to tag us with names that will give them power to kill us and commit grievous genocide on our lands.
1. Ojukwu rose:
They tagged him REBEL
2. Ken Saro Wiwa rose:
They tagged him CRIMINAL
3. Our Youths in the coast rose:
They tagged them MILITANTS
4. Now Mazi Nnamdi KANU rose:
They tagged him and the entire Biafran race (IPOB) as TERRORIST
It is only in Nigeria where terrorists do not carry arms and don't kill but rather the supposed organized government is the one killing them brutally.
It is only in Nigeria where dreaded terror groups are ignored and called CRIMINALS and non-violent race are termed terrorists.
It is only in Nigeria where terrorists go to court to combat the government about the ill treatment of their people.
It is only in Nigeria where terrorists are granted permission to protest in front of United Nations office and a sovereign nation (Nigeria) is denied same.
It is only in Nigeria where the President is the maker, interpreter and executioner of the law.
Indeed, Nigeria is a wonder to reckon with.
The man Mazi Nnamdi KANU was born to liberate his people (Biafra) from the oppression of the foreign invaders and the local oppressors.
He is a peace loving man. He provoked his people to see clearly the pain and anguish that they go through and the fact that they have no future in Nigeria. We bought his message as the message is pure and void of the lies we have been fed with over the years by which the geographical political space stands as a country.
He told us: "with the TRUTH I will bring down the zoo (Nigeria)".
He had no weapon and shot no bullet but Nigeria government came after him and arrested him.
After they arrested him, we shouted, protested and campaigned for his release. After about 2 years they released him with inhuman conditions and left the others he was arrested with behind.
When he came out, he continued with the duty he was born for to deliver his people from darkness.
The government became angry again, came after him (I believe to kill him), killed more than 200 unarmed Biafran youth’s right in the gate of his house. They got in and abducted him.
Now, our leader is quiet. No one knows where he is or how to find him. They deny being with him but how come he is quiet. The leader I know is never a quiet man. He is always active and addressing his people, giving instructions on what and what to do to get Biafra restored. So if he is quiet then the army can't be telling the truth.
Have they killed him? If they have all we demand is bring his corpse let's bury him in the respected way we bury our dead in Biafra. If he is still alive please produce him to finish what he started.
He has a court case before him, bring him out so he can clear himself in the court. You claim he is not with you but after you were done with your attack in his house he is nowhere to be found. So if you didn't take him you should know where he is. Tell us where you took him to or how he was able to escape the brutal attack that the younger boys at his gate could not.
Please produce him or explain to the world how he was able to escape your mighty armored tankers with numerous soldiers mounted on his gate for three days before the final mayhem on the house.
Few weeks ago when Mazi Nnamdi KANU was around and very hot about our demand for referendum for Biafra and gaining international attention, there were others raising their voices also and calling for
Some also called for other republics with other names.
Some even advised our leader to leave the call for Biafra and call for restructuring which our leader refused and discarded.
Many people called for whatever they wanted to call for but after the dancers came to kill innocents and abduct our leader like it was a cool breeze blew on them all, all the voices stopped immediately.
No one is calling for restructuring or republic this or that again. Where are they all? Where did they go to? Or were they also captured like my leader or they were enveloped with fear and cowardice? Were they afraid the nozzle of the next armored tank would face their building and their people killed like chickens as our people were brutalised?
Where are the voices of division and distraction? Where are the politicians that always want to advise and say this one or that one is not political correct and say how best self-determination agitation can go? Where are they? Someone should help me find them. I need them to start talking now that our leader no longer talks.
I need the one Nigeria restructurers to hit the street protesting that the government should restructure the country and give some of her powers to the regions.
Maybe if you are able to die for restructuring I might give ear to your plight.
Maybe if you are able to protest in the face of guns and bullets and you are being fired life bullets and you continue maybe I will abandon Biafra and join you.
If you can show me how restructuring can be achieved with Hausa Fulani still in the political space called Nigeria, maybe I will join you.
Their inability to do the above is a proof to me that Biafra is the only hope. Anything short of Biafra is a fraud.
Many of you will tell me that we are better together because we are in a big country.
Yes, a big country a big disgrace all over the world.
A big country with high statistics of poverty
A big country and a big shame.
Why should I belong to a big country that is too big to realise my people exist or her people are maltreated like dogs abroad and treated like goats without the big country responding in a small way?
I rather be in my small Biafra that will do big things.
I choose to be a small Biafra that will open the eyes of Africans to take advantage of the advancement and civilisation of the world today.
I choose to be in a small Biafra that shall be big enough terminate poverty in most African countries as we shall teach them how to trade and give life to the citizens.
I rather be in a country called Biafra where my IJAW shall be a nation of her own devoid of foreign oppression and political intimidation.
Biafra is my home.
If you want to give me anything, please give me Biafra not restructuring.

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