By Chimpuruimeihenile Immanuel Ukoha (Abia writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
The Nigerian government and her blood thirsty military, who are so banal in orchestrating mischief among the innocent individuals inhabiting the geographical space called Nigeria. This contraption created by the British government through Frederick Lurgard in 1914, has been unleashing untold mayhem on unarmed and peaceful Biafrans, because of their stand in asking for the unconditional exercise of their fundamental human right to self determination, which is enshrined in the UN charter.

Every human has some nerves, and when these nerves are stepped on, the individual has no option than to react to the force, as action and reaction are equal opposite. One can only take a horse to a river, but he can't compel the horse to drink, it is left for the horse to drink or not, or to even kick the person forcing it to drink.

The Biafran people have been forced by the British and Nigerian government to be part of an oppressive entity (state), without their consent, which is a complete fantasia compared to the processes of creation of a country in the Western world. The Biafran people have been dealt with in all ramifications in this contraption, and they wish to be free as enshrined in the 1914 amalgamation speech of the creator and founder of Nigeria, Mr Frederick Lurgard. The Nigerian government has turned down the request of the Biafrans for a referendum, which has been granted other nations of the world seeking independence, without a second thought.

The Nigerian state has been a failed state since its creation, yet it won't allow people with dreams nurture their dreams to fruition. They (the political bigwigs) are hell bent on looting the economy, and instead of making the distribution of the resources equal among all the citizens, left hunger and suffering for the poor masses.

Nigeria, a country as backward as anything and such one cannot think of-a place where the youths don't have a say in the country's politics, a place where law and order are thrown into the garbage bin.

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