Obasanjo in Brussels
Jerry Chineme
For Biafra Choice Writers

Uche Mefor, Deputy leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) was proved right once again last Monday, October 9, when Olusegun Obasanjo, former Nigerian ruler appeared in Brussels, the European Union (EU) headquarters. The visit was a day before the IPOB planned visit and protest to the EU headquarters. Obasanjo thought he was making a surprise move.
Mefor is always known to have declared that IPOB was the ones setting agenda for those, like Obasanjo, who were running the Nigerian government. Many have often waved his words away considering it to be empty words. But Obasanjo proved him right once again.
Mefor had always said they (IPOB) were never moved by whatever the Nigerian rogue-rulers do or say; but rather that they (the Nigerian ruler) were the one reacting to every move IPOB make, and every word they speak. “Nobody sets agenda for us; we sent the agenda and they (the Nigerian rulers) follow” Mefor has often said.
He was proved right once again last Monday as Obasanjo ran to EU headquarters to try and see if he could circumvent the Tsunami IPOB was bringing against Nigeria at Brussels, or at least douse the effect to an extent.
He did not succeed.
Instead, IPOB demystified him. It now proven that throughout Obasanjo’s military years, he had learnt nothing new apart from the use of “element of surprise” – the only element of war he always uses. Obasanjo’s archaic mind did not tell him that the element of surprise works only with those who wait for your moves, and not those who have planned their strategies and are busy executing them with clockwork accuracy.
So he went to Brussels, Belgium and failed, showing the empty shell he is. The man has always deluded himself that he is a statesman, not only for Nigeria, but also for Africa. That is why he keeps putting his snouts in everything, even when out of government.
But who is to blame? Many Nigerians have proven themselves to be gullible, accepting prescription from the school dropout, who turned soldier. Just imagine that immediately after handing over power to civilians in 1979, he deceived the world that he was something special in Africa, and many people saw him as such.
A up a hopeless talk-shop at his Ota farm in Abeokuta, Ogun State, and many gullible fellows went there to listen to him and his likes. They went to hear the garbage he was dishing out as solutions to the problems of Africa. Just imagine that one of of such solutions was his prescription that apartheid should be fought with witchcraft. This was at a time when University of Nigeria Nsukka was already offering practical solutions by organizing fund raisings for the apartheid struggle.
Interestingly, this is the same man who is running around together pretending to work for the good of Nigerians, and even Africans. Meanwhile, all he is doing is to protect his ill-gotten wealth through exploiting the people. This man refuses to retire, in spite of the fact that he knew nothing.

Well, Nigerian rulers will continue to run helter-skelter while IPOB continues to make gains for Biafra restoration.
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