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Again Nigeria goes a-borrowing! The criminal elements running Nigeria’s current rogue regime, are now looking for loans with which to fund its 2017 budget. The bandits have come to terms with the fact that the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) assets, which they were hoping to use, could not be acquired.
On Monday, October 9, their so-called President, Muhammed Buhari, sent a letter the Senate requesting approval for the procurement of a $5.5 Billion loan, to enable him and his cabal to execute the 2017 budget. Few days earlier, it became obvious to a lot of perceptive individuals that the country’s economy was heading to the rocks, when its Minister for Finance, Kemi Adeosun told the country that they could no longer fund the 2017 budget.
She claimed as a reason that it was as a result of the shortfalls in last year’s budget. That was half the truth. Part of the truth she did not tell them was that all amount expended in using the Army to hound and kill innocent and harmless Biafrans was also responsible. Many Nigerians are of course not aware of this since they did not know what it takes to keep soldiers in the streets.
Yet, another part of the truth she refused to tell was that the stealing spree of the Fulani-led Nigerian rogue government has left a gaping hole in the country’s treasury. One of such stealing which the crooks are currently trying to cover is the 26 Billion Dollars of the country’s resources stolen through their front, Maikanti Baru, Group Managing Director of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC).
Having robbed the country dry they are now running from pillar to post to borrow to run country. It shows what shame the country had become!
The plan to steal from Biafrans came when the cabal heard, through Nnamdi Kanu, leader of IPOB, that his group was very wealthy, they got to work planning how to steal from Biafrans. Kanu had explained that Biafrans were spread across more than 70 countries of the world, and that being passionate about the restoration of their country, they had been spending their hard-earned money to make it happen.
Part of the plans of the Nigerian crooked rulers was to manipulate some judges in the Judiciary, and to use them to declare IPOB a terrorist organisation. With that done, they would then go ahead to confiscate Biafrans’ assets both at home and abroad.
Stealing from Igbo-Biafrans by Nigerian government is nothing new. That was the same thing they did during and after the Biafra/Nigeria war of 1967/1970, stealing everything that belonged to Biafrans – their monies in the banks, their houses, their landed properties, pensions and gratuities. All these, and more, they did through several dubious means.

But this time, their plans crashed as the world ignored them and has been speaking with the Biafrans on the best ways to go about their freedom from the expired contraption called Nigeria. One therefore pities governments and organization that would want to lend money to Nigeria – the world’s number one corrupt, fraudulent, and rogue regime of our age.
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