Children running from the Army in their school
By Jerry Chineme
For Biafra Choice Writers

There is uproar going on in Biafraland right now as Nigerian Army personnel are going from schools to schools and forcing children to have vaccinated. There have been reports in many parts of people coming down with Monkey Pox after they were vaccinated by the Nigerian Army, all over Biafraland – from Cross River State to Bayelsa State, even up to Abia State.
For this reason many parents have vowed that they will never allow their children to be vaccinated by Nigerian Army.
One of the parents that withdrew her child from school, spoke to Biafra Choice Writers, and declared unequivocally, “I'm taking my child out of school, no one is giving my child anything without my consent and legal permission!”
Parents are taking their children away from Army/schools
This is how one Igbonekwu Ogazimora captured the mood of many Biafrans on his wall, while advising Nigerian Army:
“Nigeria Army!
Forget immunisation in the SE (South-east) for now!
Not after SE kids were recently forced by you to slap themselves;
Forced by you to drink muddy water in which they drowned and choked to death.
Many were felled by your bullets;
Their youths declared terrorists by you.
You operate very inconveniencing checkpoints everywhere in the region.
Your intensions, even if they are good, at moment will never be trusted.
I do not trust either, despite having good reasons to think you would not harm in immunisation.
Transfer that role to the States' Ministries of Health.”

Killed by Nigerian Army
The question now, is can a merchant of death care for the good of children they have murdered their brothers, sisters, and parents?
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