Kemi Adeosun

By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

Nigeria, the rogue country in the west of Africa, is dying very fast. That is why its government recently confessed why it could no longer finance its 2017 budget.
Speaking to the Senate Committee on Finance and Appropriation, the Minister of Finance, Kemi Adeosun, explained why government could no longer finance the capital projects it appropriated in the budget for the year. Her explanation was that the backlog from the 2016 budget and government’s inability to access foreign loans where the reasons.
Interestingly, she was not telling the whole truth. It is not only capital projects that are endangered. Even recurrent expenditures are also not being financed. How could she be lying so brazenly when it is common knowledge that even workers in various sectors of the economy are being owed months of salaries.
It is understandable that she made it simple for the Senators by telling them that the 2017 budget was endangered. But what she did not tell them plainly was that the country was broke, and going down very fast into the abyss. Perhaps she did not also tell them that the country was trying to steal money from somewhere to see if it could stem the tide of the country’s very fast descent to collapse.
Where did they want to steal the money from? They want to steal it from Igbo-Biafrans of course. That is why they commenced informing their embassies and high commissions across the world to confiscate Biafran assets.
Their plan to declare the harmless and peaceful Biafrans as terrorists was to grant them (the Fulani led Nigerian government), the cover to brand Biafrans terrorist. And by doing that, they hoped to obtain justification for confiscation (stealing) Biafrans’ wealth and resources. They also wanted to use it as justification to brand any Biafran, who stood against them, as a terrorist just to eliminate him.
What they are doing is not new. That was how Yakubu Gowon, during and after the Biafra/Nigeria war stole the money of Biafrans to pay for the arms he purchased and used to prosecute the war against Biafrans. He gave twenty pounds (flat rate) to every Biafran who had more than that amount in the banks before the war. As if that was not enough, he refused to pay them their pensions and gratuities after he compulsorily retired them from the civil service. He also branded their properties as “Abandoned Properties” across Nigeria (especially in the Southern Biafran part of Biafraland), and seized them.
But this time around, Nigerian government will not only fail in confiscating Biafrans’ properties, it will crash the country so that it will not rise again. Many countries of the world now understand the evil that Nigeria and its leadership constitute in Africa and the world, and so will not oblige it its wickedness a second time.
Upon that, Biafrans will not take any of it lying low. One of the things that Nigeria will experience will be the wave of litigations that will hit its embassies and high commissions around the world that will expose its rotten underbelly to every corner of the world.

From the Deputy leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), this is what Biafrans will be doing from now, and more not stated here: “Accordingly, all IPOB family units in different countries are by this directed to embark on massive, co-ordinated petitioning exercise targeting governments of their host countries of residence and take other legal actions as may be deemed appropriate. You are also directed to petition all embassies of governments around the world in your countries of residence. More importantly, all heads of Nigerian embassy missions in your countries of residence must be taken legal actions against across board.” 
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