Biafra: Why The Silence?

By    Chibuike Agba 
         Ugochinyere Onyechere [Editor]

In the face of extermination, killing, intimidation, subjugation, unwarranted arrests etc, it's hard to believe that the world has chosen to be quiet over the Biafra issue, and one could wonder why silence and calmness should exist among the member countries of  UN (United Nation) while the innocent people of Biafra are being slaughtered on daily basis by the Nigerian government.

it should be of great concern to see the motionless status of the international bodies who should be doing something towards Biafra. What about the AU & EU? Why being less concerned while seeing the clear picture of how innocent children are being murdered daily?

In addition, Biafra agitation has been in place for more than 50 years. It is also clear that the blood of innocent Biafrans has been spilled for this 50 years. the world can never pretend not to know about this because the Biafra course has on several occasions gained international attention following the then civil war between Nigeria and Biafra; and also the worldwide protest by the Indigenous People Of Biafra whose leader is Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. (MISSING) 

Why is UN talking about the Independence of Palestine and not Biafra? The UN might be thinking that they can manage the Biafra agitation.

In Israel today, Hamas Militant are armed militia group agitating for the freedom of Palestine. While here, Nnamdi Kanu has chosen a peaceful approach rather than violence. 

Nnamdi Kanu's peaceful approach and civility towards the Biafra restoration project is the only reason why Nigeria is still exiting, and same is the only reason why our selfish politicians can still walk about freely. 

In Israel, they have just the Hamas Militant launching rockets towards Jerusalem, while in Biafra land today, we have more than 20 different armed groups under the aegis of freedom fighters seeking for self-determination; yet they have been laying low with the hope that the international communities would feel the tears and pains of the Biafran people.

When was the last time we heard from the Niger Delta Avengers? Adakaboro Avengers, Egbesu Water Lions, Asawana, CML etc.. All these are angry youths in Biafraland seeking for self-determination, Nnamdi Kanu due to his influence as the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra made them stand low and embrace peaceful agitation.

I humbly remind the world that Biafra land is a land of warriors.   And down here we have men whose patience may be running out. It would be chaos if IPOB leader continues missing or rumors of his assassination true. 

Why the silence? 

The silence of the International Bodies will lead to the resurrection of Biafrans that everyone seems to have forgotten.

It's about time we educate the hopeless Nigerians that the united future they seek is trapped in a snare. The government made their worst move ever by kidnapping the IPOB leader.  And much problem awaits this Islamic empire if Nnamdi Kanu is not provided in the next court sitting dead or alive.

The world should, therefore, unmute their microphones before the worst happens. you can not beat a child and ask him not to cry. the Nigerian government has beaten us enough, and we have been crying, but failure to stop beating us will definitely spell doom on the Islamic state of Nigeria.

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